10 Minute Gluten Free Meals

Realistically, there’s not an awful lot you can get done in 10 minutes is there?

It’s just not a particularly long time. I can’t really have a proper shower in just 10-minutes, I can’t put a full face of makeup on in 10-minutes, I can’t do a supermarket shop in 10-minutes, can I cook an array of tasty and pretty healthy meals in 10 minutes? Hell yes I can!

Since living alone, my cooking mojo has disappeared somewhere (seriously, if you find my cooking mojo, please return it) and now 10-minute meals have kind of become my speciality, so I thought I’d share my favourites with you if you’re a fellow fan of a speedy meal!

10-Minute Gluten Free Carbonara

We’ve been here before, I know but I can’t rave this super quick Carbonara enough because it is just one of my absolute favourite meals now.

You can check out my full gluten free Carbonara recipe but in short, it’s 4-ingredients, 10 minutes and two pans? Are you getting my vibe that this is just SO easy and quite frankly, delicious!


Sweet and Sour Rainbow Noodles

If you’re vegetarian or just fancy something super healthy and easy to make, my sweet and sour rainbow noodles are the ultimate choice.

All you need is some vegetables of your choice, I go for broccoli, carrots, peas and sweetcorn and sometimes peppers, you’ll need some rice noodles or whatever gluten free noodles you prefer and a sweet and sour stir fry sauce – I use the Blue Dragon one.

As I use broccoli and frozen peas, I boil these for 5-minutes to part-cook them but basically, throw your veg in a wok with some spray oil, stir fry for a few minutes until soft, throw in your noodles and then once they’re soft, pop in your sauce, stir through and you’re done!

This can potentially be even quicker than 10-minutes but it’s still healthy and packed full of flavour!

Cheese and Bacon Jacket Potatoes 

I didn’t say all these meals took a lot of cooking but jacket potatoes are tasty, warming and just too easy to do when you’re not in the mood.

I like to add a cheesy bacon topper to my jackets and it’s just so good, even if it is a little bit naughty!

I use the frozen jacket potatoes from either McCains or Bannister’s Farm and whilst they’re in the microwave for 5-6 minutes, I’ll fry up some pancetta and grate some cheese and once my potatoes are done, I’ll add the butter, mix the cheese and pancetta up and throw it on top, pop back in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt it in and there you go!

I also like to serve mine with some broccoli to add some veg!

Filled Pastas 

I find that fresh filled pastas like ravioli or tortellini are like the ultimate compromise to a ready meal.

They’re not technically a ready meal but they’re just as easy to cook while being a little healthier and heartier.

The supermarkets have gone MAD for fresh, filled pastas such as spinach and ricotta ravioli and prosciutto tortellini and as a big fan of pasta that cooks in a pan of boiling water in 5-minutes, I’m all for it.

We’ve gone from just having the Schar pasta to seeing new additions from Sainsbury’s (delicious), Marks & Spencer’s (very good) and now Morrison’s too (not tried yet), so if you missed these super easy pastas, you’ll be glad to see them back!

So, whether you want to cook up a storm or throw something in the microwave and come back in 5-minutes, hopefully these easy meal ideas will keep you well fed and full of tasty food!

What are your go-to quick gluten free meals? Let me know in the comments or on my social media!


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