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I’ve decided to share with you today my top 10 makeup tips and tricks! I’m not a professional and nor do I pretend to be but I’ve done a year training in makeup now and I’ve been doing my own makeup for a long while and in that time i’ve picked up my own favourite tips and tricks so I thought it would be fun to share!


 I feel like this one might be old news now but eyeshadow primer is the new staple makeup piece. If you want your eyeshadow to stay on all day and all night then eyeshadow primers just act like a glue. I also find they prepare the eye lid for shadow so the colours look so much more pigmented and they blend a lot better. The eye primer I use is the Urban Decay Original Primer Potion- £16.00



Again, another tip I feel like people are starting to love, but blending your foundation and concealer with a damp/wet beauty blender style sponge is the best way to get full coverage, seamlessly blended base makeup(in my opinion). My favourite sponge is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge-£5.99. I just dot my foundation around my face and stipple it out with the sponge and do the same with concealer.


For so long I just used powder to set foundation and concealer and hoped it would stay matte and in place, but recently I have started to use a setting spray or finishing spray to set my whole face of makeup in place and it really makes a difference! I use MAC FIX+-£17.00


Contour has become part of pretty much every makeup look, whether it be heavy night out or natural day time. Blending the products in an upwards and outwards direction is the best way to get a seamless finish. Using a sponge or brush to blend works perfectly but keeping the blending soft and thorough gives the best finish in my experience. 


Colour correcting has become a really big thing in the makeup world recently and I think that’s great because it can make such a difference to your finished makeup so i’d say investing in some decent colour correcting makeup is really important if you’re interested. If you’re not sure what colour combats what problem then here is a quick run down:

green= redness

purple=dull, yellowy skin

peach/apricot= dark blue toned circles under the eyes

yellow= purpley dark circles

pink= brightening 

I personally just use a green primer as a base to reduce redness but if I’m going somewhere special I might use a peachy coloured corrector under my eyes.

KIKO skin tone corrector primer-green-£9.90

Bobbi Brown cream corrector-light bisque- £19.00


Using a lip liner under your lipstick makes the colour last longer, stops the lipstick bleeding, makes the colour more opaque, makes the application look neater and your lips look sharper. You can also over draw your lips slightly to give a plumper look. I love the MAC lip pencils, my favourite shade is whirl- £12.50


Pretty self explanatory but when doing winged eyeliner, draw the wings first on both eyes and then draw the line across your lash line, that way you can even out the flicks before drawing on the whole eye making it easier to correct or remove if you need to start again. I don’t wear eyeliner often but when I do, I use the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner-£7.99 and the Real Techniques Bold Metals brush-202- £12.00


Designate one fluffy eyeshadow brush for blending and always keep it clean, spot clean it after every use to remove all the shadow from it so you can blend your eyeshadow with a clean brush everytime as your eyeshadow will blend so much better and look far more seamless if you use a clean brush with no product on it as it just blends the colour on the lid. I always use my MAC 217 brush- £20.00

9.Apply highlighter with a fan brush

Highlighter is a key part of every makeup look now because it’s all about ‘the glow’ but too much can ruin the makeup. Applying with a fan brush makes sure the highlighter is only placed perfectly on the high points to give that definition and flow but doesn’t make your face look shiny or glittery. I use a Fräulein Fan Brush I got in a kit off eBay. 


If you aim to have really neat, ombre eyebrows then my top tip is to use a brow gel or pomade such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade-£15.00 and use a thin angled brush. Start by outlining the top and bottom of your brows to create the shape and then fill in the middle, darker near the tail and fading out towards the middle. I’d love to do my full brow routine so if you’d like to see that, let me know!

I hope you guys have found some of these tips useful and learnt something new, I feel as though they’re probably quite obvious but when I was starting out in makeup, these are the sort of things I would’ve wanted to know! As always, leave me a comment with your top makeup tips and tricks for me to try out and tell me what posts you want to see next!

that’s all for now,

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