UPDATED: Best Gluten Free Foods

I did a ‘best gluten free foods’ post a while back now, to share with some of you who are on a similar eating plan to me, my favourite gluten free foods on the market.

I’m always trying new free from foods, and naturally gluten free foods, and I felt I’d found enough new favourites to justify giving those of you who are interested, an update.

Things have changed since my last post, I have now been diagnosed with what looks like confirmed coeliacs and am going through the later stages of testing to get my final confirmantion, but it is looking like I am an official coeliac sufferer.

Genius Pancakesavailable at Tesco and Sainsbury’s, pack of 6 – £2.00

Breakfast was the first meal to become a real problem when I cut wheat out, and I tried so many free from breakfast products and really didn’t enjoy any. I’d tried another brand of free from scotch pancakes and they were ok, but someone recommended I tried these and I can see why! These Genius pancakes have become a staple in my diet. They’re so light, fluffy and taste just like classic scotch pancakes. They toast really well and taste great with all different toppings. I eat these everyday now!

Tesco Finest Gluten & Wheat Free Belgian Chocolate Brownies – pack of 5 – £2.50

I LOVE BROWNIES! I mentioned some great brownies in the last post, but my favourites has changed to these. They’re quite pricey at £2.50 for 5 small brownies but these are just the best. They take so much better than any other brownie I’ve tried, both gluten free and regular. They are small but they’re quite rich so I find the size is perfect. TOP TIP: heat one brownie in the microwave for 20 seconds, it tastes like a rich chocolate pudding! Serve with vanilla ice cream.

Warbutons Free From White Sandwich Thins – available at Tesco and Sainsbury’s, pack of 4 – £2.00

I also found lunch a real challenge as I couldn’t just pick up a sandwich anywhere, so finding these sandwich thins made making myself a pack lunch so much easier. I didn’t love bread anyway, so I always uses to opt for the regular Warbutons sandwich thins, so I was so glad to see these. They’re so light and just taste like the normal ones. They freeze really well and defrost super quick. I love having them with homecooked ham or beef, it makes a really easy lunch.

Giant Rice Cakes – available at most supermarkets, prices vary

These aren’t specifically a Gluten Free food, but I’ve found having giant rice cakes or ‘snack a jacks’ in the house, has been really great for snacking. Most rice cakes naturally contain no wheat, which is why I like them as for once I can buy a normal product (at a normal price) and enjoy it without worrying! Rice cakes are also relatively low in fat and make for a healthier alternative to crisps.

Rice Noodles – available at most supermarkets, prices vary

Stir fry is a favourite in our house, and we love throwing noodles in our stir fry to beef it up. I used to avoid noodles as I assumed they were just pasta and therefore I couldn’t have them, but then I tried rice noodles which are naturally wheat free and I loved them. Again, with them being naturally wheat free they don’t have that funny ‘free from’ taste, and they’re so light and easy to digest.

Goodfella’s Gluten Free Pizza – available at Tesco, one pizza – £3.00.

I really missed pizza, so when I found that one of my old favourite pizza brands did a gluten free one, I had to try. I love the Goodfella’s margherita pizza, the base is still thin and crispy, and tastes totally normal. I added extra cheese because as with most shop bought pizzas, it with a bit light on topping. They also do a pepperoni, ham and mushroom pizza.

Pizza Hut also do a nice GF pizza if you want a takeaway!

I also wanted to mention Dove’s Farm, when we found out I’d been officially diagnosed with coeliacs, my mum ordered the starter pack from Dove’s Farm and it came with so many things for us to bake with and try and I’ve been loving everything I’ve tried so far. Their food is a lot more natural than a lot of free from food and isn’t filled with strange ingredients! I highly recommend their brown rice pasta and lemon cookies! 

I hope this post has offered a little more help if you’re newly gluten free, or just looking for some new ideas.

I’d love to do a post on my favourite naturally GF recipes, so let me know if you’d be up for that.

As always, check all your products ingredients before you try them to be extra sure they’re right for you!

I’d also love to hear your favourite GF products and recipes as I am having to make some real diet changes now! 


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