5 Easy Ways to Live a Healthier Life

This post isn’t about preaching about healthy lifestyles and strict diets or anything like that, and by no means do I live a life like this all the time, everything is about proportion! 
But every so often I get the urge to live a little healthier whether that be with my diet or with my lifestyle and I find these 5 simple tricks make me feel better almost instantly.

You won’t necessarily see any benefits in your appearance because that’s a long term commitment, but these little things are sure to make you feel better about yourself almost straight away. 

1. Get out for a walk

Now I am a member at a gym and I try to go regularly, but before I joined a gym, if i wanted to feel I’d done something good for myself by exercising, I’d just go for a walk. If you have a dog then that’s even more motivation to get out but you can just put on some comfy shoes and go for a walk around your local area. It can be great to convince a friend or family member to come with you for company and I guarantee you’ll feel so much better when you’ve done it! 

2. Ditch the fizzy drinks 

I should really practice what I preach here because I LOVE fizzy drinks, but if I’m feeling a bit sluggish then I’ll try and swap out a fizzy drink for some fresh juice, or even better some water. No added sugar cordial/squash is great for adding flavour to plain old water and it’s far better for you than fizzy drinks. I wouldn’t say ditch them completely but if you want to feel you’ve made a healthy change then save them for special occasions. 

3. Have bigger, better meals 

Less is not always best when it comes to food, and I’ve heard that eating more of the right food is better for you than starving yourself. It’s important you get the right nutrients, so if you want to feel you’ve made a healthy change to your diet then cut out the snacks, and have 3 bigger and better meals, that contain all the good stuff you need, you feel more energised and probably a lot better. 

4. Pamper yourself 

Health is also about wellbeing, so feeling like you’ve treated your body on the outside as well as the inside is bound to make you feel good. A pamper night is a great way to boost self confidence, and it is so easy. Having some time to relax and unwind is also really good for you health. 

5. Master the work/life balance 

‘Work hard, play hard’ is a motto we should all live by, and trying our best during work hours is great for making you feel proud of yourself, but socialising and having some down time is great for your mental health. Both working and socialising our stimulating for the brain but in different ways so it’s important to do both. Feeling you have a good work/life balance is guaranteed to make you feel more positive, and probably more motivated to carry on with other healthy lifestyle steps.

I hope you’ve found this interesting if you’re looking for some easy ways to make yourself feel you’re living a bit of a healthier life. 

I wanted to highlight that health isn’t just about diet and fitness but everything that goes on. 

As always, I’m not a professional, these are just my tips from personal experience. I’d love to know what you do to make yourself feel healthier and better, so share in the comments! 


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