5 Things I’ve Learnt Since Being Gluten Free

I’ve been eating a gluten free diet to manage my coeliac disease for quite a few months now and it’s taught me so many things about both myself and the world of food.

It’s fair to say that being diagnosed with coeliac and having to be GF is an emotional journey and far from an easy process but I thought I’d share with you 5 things I’ve learnt since being gluten free.

1. Gluten Gets Put in Everything

Ok, not quite everything but it can feel that way sometimes!! When you’re first starting out on a GF diet and learning what foods you can and can’t keep on eating, it seriously feels like everything you love is now no longer ok to eat!

It also feels like gluten gets put in all kinds of food where it isn’t even necessary… barley in Lindt bunnies?? Why??

2. Gluten Free Food Genuinely Tastes Fine

I know some people really can’t adjust to GF alternatives and you hear so many bad reviews of gluten free foods and how bad they taste but in my experience, that isn’t the case!!

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not all the tastiest of foods and something’s aren’t quite true to the original version but as a whole, gluten free products taste fine and sometimes, really nice!

3. Food Allergies Cost a Fortune

Most people will be aware by now that free from foods cost quite a lot more than ‘normal foods’ but it really is quite crazy just how much more!

Considering I didn’t choose to eat GF and have little to no choice about it at all, it’s crazy that I end up paying £3 for a little loaf of bread and up to £2.50 for a few biscuits!

I do moan about this but there’s not much I can do, if I want it, I’ll have to pay!

4. Bad Bread Will Make You Cry

Disclaimer… I’m a crier! I cry at most things because that’s just me but never had I ever cried at bread before becoming gluten free!! When you’re desperate for a bread that you can eat without pain that has that authentic taste and then the one you choose disappoints, there’s likely to be tears… in my experience anyway!

It’s not just bread that doesn’t taste like the classic stuff that has reduced me to tears; cakes, biscuits, ready meals… I’ve cried at the lot!

5. I’m So Much Stronger Than I Ever Thought

If you’re newly diagnosed with coeliacs or sticking to a GF diet for other health reasons, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re stronger than you may realise!

Having to say goodbye to a diet you were so familiar with and go without foods you love takes a lot of willpower and determination, so if you feel like you’re struggling, just remember how tough this journey is and how well you’re doing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post! I’ve been feeling a bit fed up having to be both gluten AND dairy free at the moment and wanted to have a little chat!

If you’re suffering with a food allergy or intolerance and having to adjust your diet, I’d love to know how you’re getting on, so let me know in the comments, email me or message me on Instagram! (@lifewith_ellie)


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3 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Learnt Since Being Gluten Free

  1. Are you vegan and gluten free then? That must be so hard – there’s nothing left for you to eat! I’m trying to go vegan at the moment and it’s hard because all the vegan alternatives taste nothing like the original. I would say it’s also harder because I’m doing it out of choice rather than necessity so I do slip up more often than I would like.

    1. I eat meat so I’m not vegan but being coeliac has caused me a temporary dairy intolerance so I’m off dairy as well as gluten at the moment! It’s not the most extensive of diets but I do try! I miss cheese!! 🙁

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