Current Gluten Free Favourites

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try more new foods and expand the range of foods I was trying and choosing.

Me and my family never use ready meals and cook all my main meals ourselves but I do buy snacks and breakfast foods from the free from aisles.

I’ve shared some of my favourite products before, so I thought I’d do an updated version because I’ve tried some new things that I think you guys need to know about!

Warbutons Gluten Free Crumpets

I wasn’t actually a regular eater of crumpets before I went GF but since Warbutons did their rebrand, I’ve been eating their crumpets all the time and I love them!

They’re gluten, wheat and milk free so suitable for so many people!

They’re so soft and tasty and go well with so many different toppings!

They’re about £2 for a pack of 4 and they’re available in most UK supermarkets!

Tesco Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies

Missing Maryland Cookies? These Tesco chocolate chip cookies are free from gluten, wheat and milk and taste exactly like the Maryland ones!

These have got a good crunch and are full of chocolate chips, they’ve got a great flavour!

They are made with oat flour, so if you’re not allowed oats yet, these wouldn’t be suitable!

You get 12 for £1.30!

Tesco Free From Chicken Goujons

Tesco have recently expanded their fresh free from range and added lots of ‘breaded’ chicken and fish products.

I tried the chicken goujons which are free from gluten and wheat and also have no milk containing ingredients.

Their made with great quality chicken breast and they’ve got a great taste and texture!

Tesco Ready Salted Chipz

I know, another Tesco product but they’re honestly my number one supermarket for free from!

The Tesco’s own version of Pringles, called Chipz, are gluten free and have no milk containing ingredients either!

They taste just like the original Pringles and they’re just so tasty!

They’re also really affordable because they’re a supermarket own brand and not a specialist free from product!

Genius Lemon Cupcakes

I have a sweet tooth, there’s no denying that and one of my all time favourites is lemon cake!

I’ve tried a few different lemon cakes but the Genius lemon cupcakes are the best! They’re quite small but they’re also quite filling!

Although they’re gluten, wheat and milk free, they’re so light and lemony and the icing is also so tasty!

They’re available in Sainsbury’s and you get 2 for £2.25

Tesco Chocolate Sponge Pudding

I promise this is the last Tesco product… but you need to know about these!

I’ve always loved hot chocolate sponge puddings and was so pleased when I tried these ones from Tesco because they’re AMAZING!

They’re gluten, wheat and milk free but still have a really soft texture and strong chocolate taste!

They cook in just 35 seconds in the microwave and go perfectly with vanilla ice cream (I use the Alpro vanilla ice cream).

They also do a syrup sponge pudding if chocolate isn’t your thing!

They’re £1.25 each but worth every penny!

Sainsbury’s Freshly Baked Gluten Free Rolls

Yes you read that right, FRESHLY BAKED gluten free bread!

Finding food GF bread can be hard but the selection of freshly baked GF bread at Sainsbury’s is the softest and tastiest I’ve tried!

It’s gluten and wheat free and has no milk containing ingredients yet still has an authentic bread taste!

They do small baguettes, loaves, seeded mini rolls and the white mini rolls which are my favourite. You get two mini rolls for around £1.50 which isn’t bad for gluten free.

They’re baked in their bags in store to avoid cross contamination and displayed on the top shelf of the bakery!

I hope you’ve found this useful if you’re on the hunt for some new gluten and dairy free treats!

What are your go to GF products, share them in the comments!

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  1. I need to try the chocolate puddings! If you can find dark chocolate chips, they are usually dairy-free and cheaper than the free-from chocolate chips. xx

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