International Women’s Day – A Thank You to the Ladies in my Life

The 8th March 2018 is the day of International Women’s Day and although I’m far from your modern feminist, this is a day I am all about embracing.

My main priority is always equality, I want to be treated the same and be given the same opportunities as the males in my life and from my personal perspective, I’m happy that I am.

International Women’s Day for me is a perfect opportunity to give a big shoutout and say a huge thank you to the ladies in my life and that’s what I’m here to do.

My Mum

I’m sure so many girls can relate that they’d be nowhere without their mum. I’m lucky to have a very close relationship with my mum and although I’ll be 19 this year, she helps me on a daily basis.

My mum has been a role model of kindness, compassion and generosity my whole life and although our personalities completely differ, we share the qualities of being sensitive, emotionally aware and thoughtful towards others and it’s her I have to thank for helping me have those qualities.

My mum to me is the definition of a perfect female. She’s spent her life excelling in her work while still maintaining a happy home. She’s helped me set out my idea of what I’d like to be in the future and for that, she’s a lady I have to thank on this special day.

My Best Friend

I’ve never been a friends person to be honest. I’m not good at socialising and with all the struggles I’ve had in my life, I’ve found myself consumed in my own problems to the point where I didn’t have time to help others.

But my best friend, is a saint. I’ve asked her permission to write this section and include her picture and I’m so grateful she’s given me the chance to share how much I appreciate her.

All I really need to say about my best friend is – wow, what a strong woman.

This girl never fails to amaze me with her sheer determination to get on with life. Whatever hurdles she’s faced, no matter how hard she’s been knocked down, she gets back up every single time and carries on and that inspires me every single time.

The Female Blogging Community

Although I do not personally know the majority of the female blogging community, I’d like to say thank you to each and everyone one of you on International Women’s Day.

Every female blogger I have ever come across, whether it be their blog, their YouTube channel or their Instagram, I have felt inspired to follow in their footsteps and grow my own blog.

Whether it was a post they did that sparked an idea or a photo they uploaded that inspired one of my own, the female blogger community across all categories is so empowering and has made me more determined to make my own blog a success.

Happy International Women’s Day to every female out there, whatever you’re doing, you’re doing a great job.

Which ladies would you like to say thank you to? Let them know in the comments!


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