5 Things Being Gluten Free Has Taught Me That I Never Thought It Would

People often assume that being coeliac has taught me a lot about food and eating because of the change in diet and that’s correct but having to change my whole diet has taught me so many things, many of which aren’t food related.

I thought I’d share with you 5 things being gluten free has taught that I never thought it would!

1. Never Take Anything for Granted

I used to eat whatever I wanted, wherever and whenever and not give it a second thought.

I’d grab lunch from any shop and dinner from any restaurant and not have to think about whether I’d be catered for but being gluten free has totally changed that.

Being gluten free has taught me to never take anything for granted. Having what you have in your life right now is great and you should make the most of it every moment you have it as you never know when it might change.

2. Socialising Nearly Always Involves Food

It’s amazing the things you miss when you don’t have to think about them and until going gluten free, I never noticed how social situations nearly always revolve around food.

Heading out for a coffee a date, meeting up for a meal, a girls night in, a night in town, food comes into the equation somewhere with all of them and it’s only when you are so aware of what you can and can’t eat that you realise.

I’ve tried to embrace socialising that doesn’t involve food since struggling with my eating so much and trying to spend time with people doing things such as dog walks or visiting the gym as they’re active, healthy things to do and needn’t involve food

3. I Am So Stronger Than I Thought

Anyone who doesn’t suffer with a food allergy wont understand the mental strain something like coeliac disease can cause.

I’ve experienced some of my lowest lows because of this diet and it’s shown me that I am so much stronger than I thought.

I’ve sat through so many social events with nothing to eat, visited shops and found nothing suitable, been on holidays that didn’t cater for me but I got through them all and came out on the other side tougher and with more knowledge about my problems and how to manage them.

4. Online Communities Are a Wonderful Thing

I spent a lot of time reading gluten free blogs and following free from Instagram accounts before I actually made my own but doing that is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

The community of Free from foodies on Instagram alone is just incredible. The people you get to connect with and share experiences with and get ideas from is just amazing. Everyone understands because they’re the same and it’s such an invaluable support network.

5. Friends and Family Are So Special

I knew the loved ones I kept close were special people before being diagnosed but I certainly saw everyone close to me in a different light during this experience.

Although none of my friends or family have Coeliac disease, they’ve all done their best to not just help me but change their own ways too to make my life easier.

Everyone around me has jumped into help with finding new products, cooking new things, suggesting good places to eat or even just telling me about some gluten free related they saw online.

They’ve all been there through the highs and the lows and that support has been irreplaceable throughout this.

Being diagnosed has been such an experience for me and I’m still learning everyday nearly a year on but being gluten free will teach you so many things you never thought it would, many of which aren’t even to do with food.

As always, thank you for all the love and for more food inspiration, head over to @glutenfreewithellie on Instagram!


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