Review: Schär Gluten Free Fresh Tortellini

I can’t explain how much I wanted to get my hands on the new Schär gluten free fresh pastas when I saw them advertised but I struggled to find them for a while as they’re only available in Morrison’s and we don’t live near one.

As you’ll have seen in my Morrison’s haul, I finally managed to pick up the fresh tagliatelle and the prosciutto tortellini which I was so happy about as they’re the two I really wanted to try.

I finally got round to cooking up the tortellini so I thought I’d share with you my thoughts.

This particular type is £3.75 for a packet which is pretty expensive for a pasta like this but not unexpected for a gluten free product.

Because it was quite pricey, I refused to share it with the gluten eaters in the house and kept it all for myself so it did two separate meals for me which I think makes it better value.

There’s 250g in the packet, so I weighed out two 125g portions and cut the cooking instructions by half.

The instructions say to cook the whole pack in 2-litres of boiling water, so far half the pack I used a pan with 1-litre of salted boiling water and that worked really well.

It says to cook for 3-4 minutes but I always cooked food slightly longer than necessary, so I did 6-minutes and I actually thought that was perfect. The pasta was really soft but none of the tortellini split open.

Once I drained it all off, I decided to mix mine with the Stokes tomato ketchup because it tastes more like a pasta sauce and added the Tesco gluten and milk free mozzarella which I love.

This combination worked really well and it was delicious.

I can’t rate this pasta highly enough, it was so tasty and tasted totally normal. The pasta didn’t taste gluten free at all or let off any of that strange starchy liquid that it sometimes can.

They were full of filling and this was really flavourful too.

It may have been a little pricey but in my opinion, totally worth it!

Have you given this a try yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


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