Top Tips for Tackling the Free From Aisle on a Budget

There’s no denying that ‘free from’ products are pretty expensive and definitely more expensive than the ‘regular’ versions.

The cost of free from foods is a big worry for many people with food allergies but there are ways you can buy a free from shop without breaking the bank.

I’m going to be sharing with you my top tips for tackling the free from aisle of the supermarket without spending a fortune!

Take a List

It might sound obvious but I’m sure we’ve all headed to the free from aisle for a ‘look’ and ended up spending a few chunk of money on things we just liked the look of.

It is so exciting when new products come out and very tempting to try them all straight away but when it comes to your weekly shop, make sure all the free from items you actually need are written on your list with everything else you need to get.

Having a list means you’ll gravitate straight towards the items you need and hopefully pay less attention to the stuff you don’t need!

Look for Supermarket Own Brands

Although still more expensive than regular items, supermarket own brand free from products are usually the cheapest and therefore the ones you want to be looking out for if you’re on a budget.

There’s so many amazing free from brands because they’re products are usually pretty expensive, whereas supermarket own brands are usually not too bad.

I tend to buy my free from pasta and bread from the Tesco own brand and most of my biscuits with always be supermarket own brand too!

Reduced Stickers

Everyone loves a bargain and sometimes you will find some of those inviting yellow reduction stickers in the free from aisle!

Supermarkets will reduce foods when they’re about to go out of date, making them more affordable to buy and ideal if you’re either going to eat it straight away or freeze it!

The best time to find reductions in the free from aisle is in the evening, usually after around 7pm!

Check for Vouchers First

It’s rare you’ll ever get a voucher for free from food off your Tesco club card but by signing up to Coeliac UK or registering your interest with other gluten free brands, you can sometimes get sent vouchers to use in the supermarkets!

When you first get diagnosed and visit a dietician, they’ll sometimes give you a pack with vouchers or you can apply for some online, so before you go to purchase anything from the free from aisle, check online if you can find a voucher anywhere!

Don’t Forget the Other Aisles

I know this post is about shopping the free from aisle of the supermarket but one big tip for saving money on free from foods is to not restrict yourself to the designated free from aisle and check foods on the other aisles too!

If you’ve got the Coeliac UK app, you can happily head around the whole supermarket, scanning ‘regular’ products to see if they’re suitable and sometimes you’ll save yourself a lot of money by choosing normal products that are free from!

I hope you’ve found this helpful if you’re trying to balance having a food allergy on a budget!

Do you have any tips for saving money in the free from aisle? Share them below!


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