My Top Gluten Free Pasta


It even says it in my Instagram bio – I am a self confessed pasta addict. I just love it.

I loved pasta before going gluten free, so finding good pasta that I could eat after being diagnosed Coeliac was HIGH priority.

I’ve never really struggled to find gluten free pasta I like but I’ve heard so many people say they just don’t like any of them, so I thought I’d share with you my top Free from pasta to hopefully help you find one you can enjoy!

Schär Fresh Tagliatelle

Free from gluten and milk, this is one of the best free from pastas I’ve tried.

I’d never really had fresh pasta, neither normal or gluten free, so I was unsure what to expect when trying this but it’s so good!

I’ve raved all about the Schär tortellini but the plain tagliatelle is just as tasty! It’s super easy to cook and doesn’t taste any different to regular pasta!

Tesco Free From Tagliatelle

Another Tagliatelle but I just really like this type of pasta but the Tesco one is from their free from aisle is regular dried pasta, so has a much longer date on it than the fresh stuff!

This pasta is super affordable, cooks relatively quickly and doesn’t taste like it’s free from gluten, wheat and dairy!

I love using Tagliatelle with lots of different toppings because it all mixes together so well and I’ve just been really enjoying this pasta!

Tesco Free From Fusilli

If you haven’t gathered, Tesco do great free from pasta!

As well as the Tagliatelle, I love their fusilli too!

Similarly to Tagliatelle, this cooks really easy and taste so much like normal pasta considering it doesn’t contain gluten, wheat, milk or egg.

This pasta has a super long date on it, so it’s a good value purchase as you’ll have it in the cupboards for ages!

Doves Farm Freee Tortiglioni

Doves Farm also have some amazing pasta in their ‘Freee’ range but one of my favourites is the rice and maize tortiglioni.

This pasta is somewhere between fusilli and penne which is like my dream. It is so tasty, cooks really easily and goes super soft but not mushy.

This pasta is also free from gluten, wheat, milk, egg, soya and peanuts!

Doves Farm Freee Spaghetti

If you’re looking for super tasty spaghetti, the Doves Farm one from their Freee range is delicious.

Similarly to the tortiglioni, it’s so tasty, cooks really easily and doesn’t turn to mush or anything like that.

If you can’t get your hands on this spaghetti, the Sainsbury’s one is also delicious!

I hope you’ve found this useful if you’re newly gluten free or just on the hunt for some tasty new free from pasta to try!

I’d love to hear which gluten free pasta is your favourite, so let me know!

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