5 Things I Learnt Moving into My Own House

You may have seen on my Instagram that me and J moved into our own house a couple of weeks ago and needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind.

We both lived separately with our parents before moving into our new place, so although we liked to think we did our bit around the house, we’ve soon realised we didn’t do very much.

I’ve learnt so much since we moved out, so I thought I’d share just 5 of those with you as a little heads up if you’re planning on making the big move!

1. Housework Never Ends

Literally. Never. Ends… I used to wonder how my mum found so many jobs to do around the house but now I understand. I spend most of my evening and weekends sorting the house, the laundry or cooking or doing the food shopping or something house related and it really is tiring!

2. I Owned So Much Stuff

I thought packing up my stuff would be a quick job as I don’t hoard rubbish and only had my bedroom to clear… oh how I was wrong!

It took me two days going back and forth from my parents’ house to move all my stuff and it just seemed to keep on coming… I had no idea!

3. I Owned Nothing I Actually Needed

I may have had clothes and makeup in abundance but did I have anything I actually needed? No I did not.

I knew I didn’t own a sofa or cleaning products but it was still a shock to realise just how much we needed to buy!

4. Organising Your Finances Isn’t Simple

Bills and finances have become the thing I hate the most in this process because all did for three weeks solid was organise payments, direct debits, accounts and so on.

It isn’t simple and straightforward and it’s actually really time consuming but if you’d like a guide to sorting out all things money when you move into your own home, I’d be happy to share that!

5. It’s a Real Rollercoaster of Emotions

Everyone tells you that you’ll feel so happy and excited moving in with your partner and of course, you do have those emotions but no one prepares you that you’re going to feel scared, stressed and upset about leaving your parents’ home and that can really come as a surprise!

Moving out has been so much fun but it’s been tough at times but if you’re considering it, if you’ve got more than enough money behind you, go for it!

If you’d like any more moving out/interior design style blog posts, let me know in the comments!


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  1. I moved out for University so I already knew most of these things – did you move into a furnished or unfurnished place? Thankfully the accommodation I rent is furnished but I know most places are not which is even more expensive! xx

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