A Gluten Free Breakfast We Can All Enjoy – Marks & Spencer Gluten Free Pastries Review

* I was kindly gifted these products by Marks & Spencer to create this blog post but this is not a paid advertisement and all opinions are my own.

One thing I’ve struggled with most since being gluten free is feeling left out. At meals out, I always have to eat off a different menu. When we have family meals at home, I usually have to have something slightly different and when it comes to continental breakfasts, I always have to skip pastries and breads.

For a long time, pastries were few and far between in the gluten free world but Marks & Spencer made it their mission to change that.

You’ve probably already seen these new products all over your social media but Marks & Spencer have brought out a range of three new gluten free pastries and they’ve asked me to try them with my family.

M&S really are pioneers in the gluten free world but these are one of their biggest launches yet. They’ve tried and tested hundreds of different recipes for each pastry to find the perfect texture and taste and I think they’ve nailed it. Apart from the gluten containing ingredients, they’ve used all the same ingredients that give their normal pastries their delicious taste and that’s what makes these so good.

I’d already tried the chocolate twists and I’ll be honest, they were a little on the sweet side for me at breakfast time but I was intrigued to try the plain croissants and see what they were like.

James is a massive pastries fan, so I knew he’d be the perfect person to join me for breakfast to put these to the test and it’s fair to say he was more than happy to do so.

You need to heat these pastries before you can eat them but I think that just makes them extra tasty because they’re warm and soft.

Gluten free products are usually on the small side but all these pastries are just ‘normal sized’ which makes them far better value for money than most gluten free treats.

I indulged in a couple of the plain pastries and was honestly amazed by how good they were. They weren’t quite as flakey as your standard croissant but I didn’t think the slight differences in texture was particularly noticeable at all.

The taste was so delicious. They’re the perfect amount of sweetness for the morning and would be perfect for pairing with jams or spreads for extra sweetness but I enjoyed them plain.

The apricot pastries seemed to have slightly flakier pastry like the chocolate twists, so really similar to classic ones and I thought they were fairly generous on the apricot jam!

The thing I love the most about these pastries is that they mean I can host a gluten free breakfast for all my friends and family and we can all eat the same thing and enjoy it.

James eats gluten and regularly eats pastries and really enjoyed these and said he’d be happy to eat these instead of regular ones if they were what I bought to have in the house.

Anything that makes us gluten free eaters feel more included and ‘normal’ is always a good thing and that’s definitely what these pastries do!

You can buy all three types of pastries in the Marks & Spencer’s food hall for around £2.50 a pack!

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