My Race for Life Experience and Why I Think Everyone Should Do It

Cancer is not nice, it isn’t funny but unfortunately, it’s very real and it touches pretty much all of us in some way, so there’s really no reason for any of us to not want to do our bit to give back.

I’ve often considered doing the Race for Life and just never got around to signing up which I now realise is such a shame because I could’ve experienced this incredible event so much sooner.

If you’re not familiar with the Race for Life, it’s an annual fundraising event run by Cancer Research UK to raise money to fund their continuous work towards improving the diagnosis of cancer, the treatment and in the long run, finding a cure.

The Race for Life has been established for years and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, just by thousands of people donning their best pink gym gear and making their way around a 5 or 10K route.

You can walk it, jog it, run it, you can even dance your way around if you want as long as your turn up, you raise money and you make your way from the start to the finish.

Me and mum decided to sign up this year on a bit of a whim. We lost my grandpa and my dad’s cousin to cancer over the last couple of years and at the time, J’s grandad was still battling, so we decided to do our bit, raise some money and get involved.

I won’t lie, we did no training. We signed up for the regular 5K opposed to the longer 10K route or ‘pretty mudder’ obstacle course and signed up for our most local one which was in Tatton Park.

We set out fundraising target as £100 and then kind of just got on with our lives, sharing the link on social media now and again and just marked the date in our diaries so we didn’t forget.

The day arrived (24th June) and it couldn’t have been timed more aptly for our family.

Just days prior, J’s grandad lost his battle, so he became another name we were doing this for.

We wrote our signs, got kitted out in our charity t-shirts, tied the pink laces on our trainers and headed to Tatton Park for the Event.

You can buy Race for Life t-shirts but I decided to wear My ‘I’ve got Guts’ t-shirt from Bowel & Cancer Research to support more than one charity, and it was pink!

The start and finish lines are in the arena where there is also a stage where the hosts from Heart Radio were and some stands such as Ryvita for snacks, coffees and ice creams.

There was music playing, motivational speakers, a big group warm up and then we started.

We got amazing weather and it was actually so pleasant to walk around Tatton Park in the sun with my mum.

We power walked it and I ran the last 500m, like I always said I would and we did it in around 50 minutes.

For a walk that took under an hour, that we did in beautiful scenery with other amazing women in the summer sun, me and my mum alone raised £145 which went towards the grand total of over £100,000 for Tatton alone.

We had no idea what to expect but couldn’t believe what an incredible event this was. We were raising money and having a great time and I can guarantee I’ll be back to do it again!

I would 100% recommend everyone and anyone to do the Race for Life, whether you feel you’ve been personally affected by cancer or not, it’s just a great morning out.

Our fundraising page is still open, so if you fancy donation to our Race for Life just giving page, check it out!

Keep an eye out for details of next year’s Race for Life and sign up if you fancy giving it a go!


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  1. Sadly there’s not a lot of places to do race for life near me but I would love to try it! I’m going to look for ones near me. It sounds like a great experience and course it’s for such an amazing cause. Your writing was amazing in this. Great post xx

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