Top Healthy Gluten Free Snacks

I’m sure a lot of you will be able to relate to me with this but after being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, I put a bit of weight on.

Nothing major and it was probably just my body putting the weight back on I lost before diagnosis but it was probably also something to do with all the new free from products I was trying.

I’ve been gluten free for over a year now and although I still get super excited to try new products, my diet is a bit more balanced and I’ve started to try and limit the sweet treats and introduce some healthier gluten free snacks.

It can be hard to make healthy choices when avoiding certain ingredients but here are my top healthy snacks that are also gluten free!

The Fruit Bowl Products

If you’re unsure of the brand The Fruit Bowl, you’re probably familiar with fruit flakes because if you’re of a similar age to me or have kids my age, you’ll remember the, being a go to snack for my generation.

The Fruit Bowl have expanded their range of healthy fruit snacks since I was younger and they kindly sent me some out to try.

I’ve been trying to have these snacks when I fancy something sweet instead of getting a biscuit and so far, so good.

My favourite so far has been the strawberry peeler that is only 51 calories, one of your 5 a day and is made using apple and strawberry purée and juices.

Rice Cakes

Crisps are a bit of a weakness for me, so a better alternative is rice cakes.

I really like the giant rice cakes and they’re super affordable and available in both sweet and savoury flavours.

I like the Tesco own brand giant salt and vinegar rice cakes, they’re only 99p for a bit pack and just 47 calories per rice cake which is far better than a pack of crisps!

My top tip for buying rice cakes is to just buy supermarket own ones opposed to free from ones as they’re usually naturally gluten free and far cheaper, just always scam them on the Coeliac UK app.

Kind Bars / Dark Chocolate Peanut Bars

Nut bars have become my guilty pleasure recently and I’ve actually been enjoying them more than chocolate bars.

I love the Meridian peanut bars for my breakfast but if I want some chocolate, the peanut butter dark chocolate bars are my absolute favourite.

Each one of these bars has 201 calories but also has 7g of protein and is both gluten and dairy free. They’re made with 50% nuts that contain healthier fats than something like fatty meat, so they’re not the healthiest but better than a chocolate bar!

Kind Bars are quite pricey but both Aldi and Lidl do an identical peanut bar in packs of 4 that are far cheaper and they’re delicious!

Plain Gluten Free Digestives

If you’re really craving a biscuit, plain gluten free digestives are far lower calorie than the chocolate covered ones or other kinds of biscuits.

I really like the Tesco own brand free from plain digestives and they’re only £1.00 for a pack and just 55 calories each with 2.9g of sugar, compared to 81 calories and 5.3g of sugar for the chocolate ones.

I know they’re not the same but they’re a good alternative if you really want a biscuit.

Please know that I’m not saying we should all ditch the nice treats for low calorie options but sometimes it’s good to mix it up and try and have a bit more balance and these are the snacks I’ve been opting for.

I know Fruit is also always your best option but I hate fruit, so these are better options for me.

What are your go to healthy snacks? Share them in the comments!


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