New Gluten Free Products Worth Buying

If you’re part of the gluten free/free from community then you’re probably more than aware that the supermarkets have gone crazy recently with new gluten free launches which as great as that is, can be a little overwhelming.

Tesco and Asda in particular have recently added so many new free from products to their range, both own brand and from some popular free from brands, so it can be tempting to go crazy and buy everything but after trying a few new bits, I thought I’d let you know which new bits I’ve tried that I think are worth buying.

Tesco Free From Oats and Honey Breakfast Biscuits

There’s already a few breakfast biscuits in the free from aisle but I’ve never really paid them any attention but for some reason, I really wanted to try the new Tesco ones and I’m so glad I did because they’re delicious!

I’ve been eating a pack of these most mornings recently and actually choosing them over things such as brioche rolls and pancakes that are usually my favourites!

I used to love Belvita Biscuits and these taste so similar. They come in individual packs of three biscuits and you get four packs in each box for £1.65 which from what I remember of how much I would pay for Belvitas, that isn’t bad at all!

They also do a chocolate chip version that I haven’t tried yet.

Tesco Free From Cookies and Cream Biscuits 

Most of us have tried the Schar Chocolate O’s that are kind of like Oreos, apart from the fact that they actually taste and look nothing like them but the new Tesco ‘cookies and cream biscuits’ are literally gluten free oreos.

They’re amazing! They look just like Oreos and are even the same size. They’ve got loads of cream filling and taste just what I remember the real thing tasting like, so if you fancy a treat, you need to test these out!

Tesco Free From Chilli and Lime Tortilla Chips

Some people love the Tesco own free from cheese tortilla chips and some people hate them. I personally don’t mind them but don’t usually buy them as regular aisle tortilla chips are cheaper and naturally gluten free but when I saw chilli and lime flavour, I decided to give them a go.

These are tasty and if you miss Chilli Heatwave Doritos, these are for you but if you’re like me and you were hoping for a replacement for the Lime Doritos, that isn’t these.

If you do miss lime Doritos, try the lime and salt tortilla chips from the free from section in Lidl, they’re a great alternative!

Warburtons Gluten Free High Protein Wraps with Super Seeds

I kind of ended up trying these by default as I wanted to grab some wraps for my lunches and these were kind of my only option but I actually ended up really enjoying them.

I like seeded breads, so I like the seeds in these and the wrap was very soft like a regular one but was strong enough to not break and held all my filling in well.

The only thing I would say about these is that they look kind of grey but I think it’s just the colouring of the seeds, so don’t be put off by it.

I had ham and cheese in these wraps and it was really nice. They come in a resealable pack so stay fresh for a few days once opened.

I tried the new Genius white wraps and found the design of the packaging lets them down as it can’t be resealed, so they went hard once opened.

New Schar Sweet Treats

I’m going to lump four products in together here as they kind of all come under the same bracket and they’re the new sweet treats by Schar.

They’ve recently brought out:

  • The Melto
  • The Tempties
  • The Mini Dippers
  • The Wafer Pockets

and my opinion on all of them is that they’re nice and perfect for a treat but they aren’t worth scouring all your local supermarkets for.

If you happen to see them, definitely grab one or two as a sweet treat because they all taste just like their gluten-filled version but they’re not a weekly shop essential and I actually got a little fed up of eating the stockpile I’d bought when I first found them.

Aldi Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies

Aldi is a funny one when it comes to gluten free and can actually be super frustrating. They bring out amazing free from goodies every now and again but they only ever stay on shelves for a short amount of time, so you have to stock up when you see them.

They’ve had their own brand free from chocolate chip cookies in store for a couple of weeks now and these are AMAZING.

They’re pretty cheap as you’d expect from Aldi but they’re such a decent sized biscuits, full of chocolate chips and just generally super delicious. They’ve also brought out ginger cookies and jammy wheels, so definitely worth a look if you’re nearby.

What products have you tried recently and loved? Let me know in the comments!


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