5 Date Night Ideas

Putting aside time for a date night with your other half can be easier said than done but recently me and James have realised just how important that time is so we’re making more of an effort to organise regular date nights/days.

This got me thinking about different date ideas, some more extravagant than others but all just as good at creating quality time together.

Here are my top 5 date night ideas:

1. Dinner for Two

A classic choice but always a good one is a simple dinner for two. There’s nothing better than sitting down together over a nice meal and chatting about your day. Whether you choose your favourite restaurant or cook your favourite meal at home, a dinner for two is always a great date night idea.

2. Cinema

If me and James want a slightly more extravagant date night, we’ll head to the cinema. Neither of us are big drinkers or socialisers so a trip to the cinema is probably as adventurous as our date nights get. I wouldn’t recommend the cinema for a first date but it’s a great way to get out of the house together when you’ve been together a bit longer. 

3. Movie Night

Similar to the cinema idea but better if you’re on a budget, a movie night at home is one of our go-to ways of getting some quality down time together. Get some snacks, pick a film you both like and get comfy and you’re in for a cheap and relaxed night together. 

4. Get Outside

This one is another affordable one but heading out on a walk or just generally heading outside together can make a great date. This is perfect on summer evenings or if you’ve got a day to spend together, heading out on a long, leisurely walk together is not only free and good exercise but gives you plenty of time to just chat. 

5. Hit the Shops

Not necessarily James’ first choice but if we want to do something a bit more special on a date day/night then hitting the shops is great. We tend to head to a bigger shopping centre we don’t go to often to make it more of an event but it’s still great time to talk while you’re wandering around and can even help you learn more about each other and what you like when you first get together.

These are some pretty basic ideas but I hope it’s inspired you to put some time aside to spend with your other half soon. 

What’s your favourite kind of date night? Give me some new ideas! 


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