5 Things Tinder Has Taught Me

As a newly single young woman, where was the first place I went to find a date? Tinder, obviously!

I re-downloaded the app within weeks of my breakup out of pure boredom and got back into the swing of swiping left and right but 6 months down the line, I’m still single and I can’t even be bothered to open the Tinder app on my phone anymore!

However, although my little swiping spree is over now, it did teach me a few things, so I thought I’d share 5 of my findings from my time on the world’s favourite mobile dating app!

1. First Impressions Online Are Based on Looks 

It’s basically the ugly reality of the online world at times but when it comes to getting a first impression of someone online, it’s all based on looks.

I was swiping aimlessly through man after man, judging them purely on looks and deciding based on that whether they were a potential partner or not, barely even giving a glance at their age, location, job or interests.

2. Chat Up Lines are Still Alive and Well 

I thought chat up lines were a thing of the past. Something our parents used to say when you had to flirt face to face because mobiles didn’t exist but tinder taught me that this kind of cringe chat is still alive and well.

3. People Say Things on Tinder You Just Wouldn’t Say Out Loud 

My above point kind of leads me on to this and that’s the fact that people say things on Tinder that they just wouldn’t say out loud.

Both in their bios and on messenger to potential new dates, it’s a thing both male and female users do but some of what’s said on that app is just not something you’d ever hear during a face to face conversation.

4. Manners Are Left at the Door on Tinder

From my experience, there’s a certain type of person who seem to think manners don’t apply when using Tinder. They think they can start a conversation by forcing a crude compliment at you or get unnecessarily aggressive if you don’t reply to their toe-curling message in a timely manner and quite frankly, that isn’t acceptable and certainly won’t get you a date.

5. You Ain’t Going to Find ‘The One’ on There

I don’t know the exact figure of how many Tinder weddings have taken place but I can’t imagine it’s a particularly high amount as from what I can tell, you’re not going to find ‘the one’ on there.

Tinder is too fast paced and appearance orientated for you to ever get to know someone properly. There’s too many people ‘fabricating the truth’ when it comes to what they put on their profiles so even if you do make it to a face to face date, they’re probably not who you thought they were anyway!

For me, Tinder is a bit of fun with friends. It’s a laugh to have a swipe through but in reality, you’re probably going to have more chance meeting someone on a night out that has any kind of potential than on your phone!

And don’t forget – you’ll probably meet the right person when you least expect it anyway, so I’d just stop looking all together and let them find you!


Author: Life With Ellie

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