5 Things You Always Forget to Pack, That You Always Need

We’ve all been there, we’ve arrived at the hotel, thrown open our suitcases, gone to grab that all important items we thought we’d packed, and then we realise… we forgot to pack it!

I think there are a few signature items that always manage to sneak their way out of the case, maybe they’re just so simple and mundane that we don’t even think of using them, but this year I’m determined to forget nothing, so I ‘ve decided to share with you the 5 items I think you always forget to pack, but always need.

Plug Adapters 

The number one item I always forget to throw in my case is the plug adapter for where I’m going and it really doesn’t get much more essential than this. No adapter, no charging your phone, no straightening your hair, nothing. I always put these in my toiletries bag as I then know where they are and I also know I’ve packed them!


Why I forget this, I’ll never know. You use it every day (potentially twice a day), yet for some reason, when I travel, this is the last toiletry I think of, and apparently, sometimes I don’t even think of it because I forget it. I think it’s because it’s the last thing I pack so my top tip would be to buy a toothpaste just for your holiday so you’re not having to remember to pack it last minute.

Hair Bobbles

Now this is a serious one for me, I have very long hair and in the heat, the last thing I want is to wear it down, so having plenty of bobbles/hair ties is key and what do I always forget??? BOBBLES! I think because I have one on my wrist, I forget I’ll need more, my top top is to get a sectioning clip (which id take with me anyway), open the clip, put some bobbles in the opening of the clip, or hung over one side and shut the clip, then put in your wash bag! 


You’re probably thinking ‘seriously?’, but I kid you not, when I’m travelling somewhere hot, and filling my suitcase with pretty sandals and sliders, socks are the last thing on my mind. I rarely wear trainers on holiday or need socks, but it’s still necessary to pack them! I’d recommend that if you plan your outfits out like me, if you’re going to wear trainers with any of them, you put the socks out with the outfits and you’ll remember to pack them! 


This might sound weird, but I think everyone has come across a situation on holiday when you need a pair of scissors, and of course, you don’t have any! Whether it’s to trim a nail or cut the label out of your clothing, there will be a need for scissors at some point, so I’d recommend adding in a little manicure kit with some nail scissors into your wash bag! 

I hope this has been helpful if you’re doing some last minute packing or even if you’re not on holiday anytime soon, this will be good to come back to, to make sure you’ve got everything! 

If you can think of any more essentials that seem to go a miss, share them in the comments! 


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