A Festive Free From Collection by Tesco

I love find new free from products and recently Tesco has released a lot of new additions to their collection, which includes a whole range of festive products.

I’d seen a few of the products on Instagram, so head to my local Tesco to check it out.

You can find the range of new festive products in the Christmas aisle alongside the other festive foods, but in my local store, the section was signposted really clearly so you could find the products easily but that also made it easy to know which items were free from.

The products vary between being ‘gluten & wheat free’ and ‘gluten, wheat & dairy free’ so if you opt for free from products because you avoid dairy, your options in this new range may be limited as not all the products are dairy free.

Some of the items are in the usual green and purple free from packaging that Tesco usually use which suggests they may be staying in the range after Christmas, some are labelled in the same way as their standard free from range but in a festive purple box, showing their obviously limited edition and some are from their ‘Finest’ range, meaning they’re a more premium product.

The Products

My nearest ‘big Tesco’ isn’t the biggest, so this may not be all the products in the festive range, but these are all the ones I have seen.

Finest Gluten & Wheat Free Salted Caramel Pudding – £3

Free from Gluten, Wheat & Milk Chocolate Sponge Pudding – £2

Free From Gluten, Wheat, Milk & Nuts Christmas Pudding – £4

Finest Gluten & Wheat Free Cranberry & Orange Topped Christmas Pudding – £3

Free From Gluten & Wheat Cherry Sponge Pudding – £2

Free From Gluten, Wheat & Milk Spiced Pear Pies – £2

Free From Gluten, Wheat & Milk Deep Filled Mince Pies – £2

Free From Gluten & Wheat Iced Fruit Cake Slices – £2.50

Free From Gluten & Wheat Ginger Tiffin Bites – £2.50

Free from Gluten & Wheat Chocolate Orange Brownies – £2.50

Free From Gluten, Wheat & Milk Vanilla Christmas Jumper Cake Kit – £4.50

Free From Gluten, Wheat & Milk Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding Kit – £3.50

Free From Gluten, Wheat & Milk 3D Gingerbread Star Kit – £4

Free From Gluten, Wheat & Milk Choc Selection Box – £3.50

Finest Gluten & Wheat Free Triple Chocolate Cookies – £4

Free from Gluten & Wheat Gingerbread Stars – £1.99

Finest Gluten & Wheat Free All Butter Shortbread Selection – £4.50

There was a few blank spaces on the shelf, but if I see anymore products I’ll be sure to update this post.

Overall Thoughts

My first thought is that I think this range is a great idea as it offers so many options to people with dietary requirements, things that usually we would have to either miss out on, or find a way to make our own.

Some of the prices feel reasonable, however some are a little expensive, but that is the same with any free from products, limited edition or not.

I think they’ve chosen a great range of products and covered all the most wanted festive treats, as well as a few more unique ones.

I also love the mix of standard range products and finest products, so you have the option to treat yourself as you do when shopping the normal product ranges.

Overall, I am really impressed with this range and Tesco for designing it as I haven’t seen any other festive free from ranges like this.

If you’ve seen any other supermarkets launching their own festive ranges of free from products, let me know and I’ll check them out.

*all images were taken by me.




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