All Things Autumn Fragrance 

If you haven’t already noticed, autumn is in full swing in my world and with the new season, comes new scents, and I’m always up for that.

Autumn is a great time to mix up your fragrances, whether that be the ones you wear or the ones in your home, so I thought I’d share with you my top picks for autumn fragrances.


Yankee Candle Midsummer’s Night

Do not be fooled by the name, this is the scent of autumn! 

The black colour of this candle makes it perfect for making your home feel more autumnal, but the smell is deep and cosy and ideal for this season.

Yankee Candle Orange Splash

If you like fruity scents and want to keep them in your home over autumn/winter then ‘Orange Splash’ from Yankee is an ideal choice.

A slightly musky, warm orange scent opposed to something fresh and summery, this is the perfect fruity scent for autumn.

I got these two scents in small jars in a duo gift set.

Jo Malone Pomegrante Noir

This truly is one of my all time favourite Candle scents, but I think it’s perfect for autumn.

This is another one that is a spicy, warm fruit scent, but this one is deep and quite mature and never sickly.

If Jo Malone is out of your budget, try and get your hands on the Aldi dupe! 

Ava & Emma Vanilla Teak

If you want something warm and sweet, then ‘vanilla teak’ from Ava and Emma is perfect.

Still a sweet vanilla scent but with the addition of a musky scent that makes it cosy and autumnal.

I picked this candle up in Homesense and it was a bargain for the size!

Room Spray

Victoria’s Secret/PINK Warm & Cosy Body Mist

You can’t leave candles burning all day so a room spray is great for keeping your home smelling lovely.

I actually use a body mist as I love the smell of these from PINK and had lots of different scents I’d received as gifts and just wasn’t wearing them as a body fragrance.

The scents are so strong and really fill the whole room. The scent I love for this season is ‘warm & cosy’ which is sweet but warming and exactly what I want in autumn.


The final scent I wanted to mention was the perfume I’m wearing this season, and that’s Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

I got this for my birthday and thought it was perfect for autumn/winter thanks to the sweet but deep and not sickly scent.

It’s really fresh but has lots of different layers.

This post is a bit different but hopefully you’ve found it useful if you want your home to smell as autumnal and cosy as it looks.

What’s your autumn signature scent? 


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