At-Home Facial Routine

January is known for being the tightest month of the year when it comes to budgets, which means some of life’s luxuries have to take a step back for a few weeks while we all replenish our bank accounts.

The first thing I tend to lay off in January (as well as unnecessary supermarket trips) is beauty treatments and I try to find ways to do my favourite treatments at home.

Facials are a real luxury but they also have great benefits for your skin and relaxation, so at-home facials are a great way to save money while still treating your skin and relax after the stresses of the new year.

I learnt a thing or two about facials when I studied beauty and I’ve used those to create my own facial that is pretty close to the ones you’d get in the salons, so I’m going to share my top tips for at-home facials with you today!

Superficial Cleanse

The first step of you facial is what’s known as the superficial Cleanse which is essentially the first cleanse that removes makeup and surface dirt from the skin. My favourite products for this are either a simple micellar water like the Garnier one or the Your Good Skin Blemish Clearing Calming Cleanser.

Deep Cleanse

Next up is the deep Cleanse; this is the stage at which I like to choose a more intense and maybe more luxury feeling cleanser. This second Cleanse is designed to really clean and purify the skin so a Hot Cloth cleanser is a great choice like the Liz Earle or Your Good Skin!


When I trained in professional facials, the routine was to tone between every step but that can feel like a lot of toning so at home I tend to tone after all the key steps so once after my cleanses, then after exfoliating and then after mask. I like the Pixi Glow Tonic or Your Good Skin Pore Minimising Tonic!


Now your skin is fresh and clean, it’s time to exfoliate to remove any deeply routed dirt and smooth your skin texture. It can be nice to make your own exfoliator but I actually really like the Garnier Daily Deep Pore Wash which has exfoliating beads.

Apply to the face with you hands using circular motions and keep massaging in for a few minutes.


Your skin should now be clean as can be so it’s time to start giving back to your skin and that’s where a mask comes in.

It’s important to choose a mask that suits your skin type and is going to offer your skin what it needs! Dry skin types should opt for a moisturising mask and oily skin types would be better with a purifying mask like a clay mask, or if you’re combination, you can put different masks on different parts of the face!

The Clarins Hydra Quench is nice for moisturising and the Superdrug’s own Deep Sea Clay mask is great for purifying!

Leave the mask for 10-15 minutes and take this time to lay back and relax! Remove with a fresh face cloth with warm water and tone again!


To complete the routine, you need to moisturise, even if you have oily skin, you can use a product suited for your skin type!

A facial at a salon would always include a massage but that isn’t quite as relaxing to do to yourself but if you do fancy going to extra mile, you could apply your moisturiser using a few massage techniques!

If you have an eye cream you like to use, you should also apply that now!

I hope you’ve found this helpful if you fancy an extra special pamper night or if you’re a regular visitor to the salon for a facial looking to save some money!

If you’d like to hear how to save money and do more professional style beauty treatments at home like brows or gel nails, let me know in the comments!


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