Battle of the Gluten Free Pizza

If there was one thing I thought I’d have to miss out on going gluten free it was pizza!

I wasn’t obsessed with pizza before diagnosis but I was a fan and definitely enjoyed it when I had it and it’s fair to say I’ve tried a fair few since going GF to try and find the best.

I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on all the ones I have tried to help you pick the best one!

Pizza Express – Restaurant

I have to say, the Pizza Express gluten and dairy free pizza available in restaurant or for delivery is one of the best I’ve had!

The gluten free base is really thin and crispy and they have the option of vegan mozzarella which is obviously dairy free which makes it a great option if you have multiple food allergies.

I like to add pepperoni but there’s so many different topping options and the majority of them are gluten and dairy free too.

Pizza Express – Shop Bought

We’ve always enjoyed the Pizza Express pizzas that you can buy in the shops at home as a family, so I was a bit disappointed when I had to go GF that they weren’t an option anymore.

Pizza Express have recently released a gluten free pizza in their shop range and I’m pleased to say, it’s very tasty!

It isn’t dairy free as it has normal cheese on it and they’re currently only available as plain cheese and tomato flavour but you can add your own toppings to mix it up.

These are as tasty as the ones in the restaurants and one of my favourite shop bought ones.


I recently tried my first ever gluten free Domino’s pizza after avoiding it for so long but eventually temptation won and I gave it a go.

I just didn’t trust their preparation to be free from cross contamination but I’m pleased to say after trying one that I had no problems.

The base was thicker and crispier than what I remember the Domino’s bases being like but tasty nevertheless and they don’t have a dairy free cheese option but that isn’t too much of a problem for me.

These pizzas are only available in the small size which for me was enough and it was very tasty.

Pizza Hut Takeaway

You might be thinking, ‘so far, so good’ but unfortunately, all the positive Pizza stories are about to take a turn when we get to takeaway pizza from Pizza Hut.

The first ever takeaway pizza I tried was from Pizza Hut and I’ve had a few from there and I’ve not been right afterwards every time but it’s only recently that it clocked with me that it was the pizza upsetting my tummy.

One thing to be sure of when ordering a takeaway gluten free pizza is that it arrives uncut as if they’ve cut it up, it could be contaminated and I only learnt this recently which made me realise that every Pizza Hut Pizza I have had has arrived cut up!

They pizza bases are quite thick and cakey but they’re fine, I just don’t find my local takeaway are careful enough.

Goodfella’s Shop Bought

One of the first ever Shop Bought pizzas I tried when going GF was the Goodfella’s one and although I’ve heard mixed reviews, I really like it!

They do a plain cheese and tomato flavour and one topped with pepperoni, ham and mushrooms. I always go for the plain one and add my own toppings if I want to change things up!

The bases go nice and crispy if you cook them properly and they taste completely normal to me. They’re a little lacking on toppings but aren’t all shop bought pizzas?

Schär Pizza Base

If you’re after free from pizza, the option to make your own is a really good one.

Gluten free pizza bases are really easy to come by and often come in a lot of tester boxes if you choose to order those.

I tried the Schär bases and added all my own toppings and I really enjoyed it.

These bases have a very normal taste, good thickness and stay crispy when you cook them.

Center Parcs Takeaway

I know this one won’t be relevant to many people but if you’re heading to Center Parcs for a break soon, ordering a GF pizza from the on-site takeaway is a great idea.

We visited Woburn Forest recently and we ordered a GF pizza for me from their takeaway called ‘Dining In’ and they were very away of allergens and the pizza was delicious.

It was far bigger than many others and super crispy and tasty and worth trying if you’re there!

Pizza is a favourite for many, so if you think you have to miss out because you’re gluten free, you certainly don’t!

I hope you’ve found this useful and if you’d like me to do a similar post for other kinds of foods like pastas, ready meals, breads, etc, do let me know!

What’s your favourite gluten free pizza? Share in the comments!


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