BeautyWorks Hair Extensions Review

It’s been a while since I did a beauty related blog post and I’ve got a few I want to do but I’m going to start by talking about my new hair because it is a big change and something I know a lot of people think about getting done themselves, so I thought I’d share my review and experience of getting a weave with BeautyWorks extensions.

Why A Weave?

When people find out I have had a weave, the first thing I always get asked is why? People tend to ask why as my hair wasn’t super short or super thin, so a lot of people don’t see what the need was but for me, I missed by really long hair and feel I have always had really fine hair which is something that will never change unless I do something like getting extensions.

I felt like my hair didn’t look great tied up due to being quite thin and the options of what I could do with my hair with the current length and thickness was limited, so I decided to take the plunge and get my hair longer and thicker with the help of a weave.

As for why I went for a weave opposed to clip-in extensions or another form semi-permanent extensions like nano bonds or tapes is mainly because my best friend already has a weave and loves it, so I kind of knew what to expect. For me, the idea of tapes or nano bonds actually looked like a lot of time and effort to get fitted and have refitted every 4-6 weeks and felt like a lot of different fastenings, whereas a weave is just three rows sewed in and feels very subtle and easy to fit.

What Hair Do I Have?

I had already been colour matched with BeautyWorks extensions at a salon before I found the girl who eventually did my hair, so I knew my shade in BeautyWorks, so basically it was the easiest option to go with that brand. I had heard positive things about BeautyWorks hair and of course, Molly-Mae from this year’s Love Island wears BeautyWorks and her hair is just gorgeous, so I was happy to go with their hair opposed to another brand.

I am shade 3 in BeautyWorks which is a colour called Brazilla. It’s a warm-toned dark brown and is actually a tad too warm for my natural hair but we only realised once it arrived but as I have had blonde through my hair before, it actually blends in absolutely fine.

I have 22″ 150g Gold Weft extensions sewed into my hair in three rows. This is the heaviest/thickest weft you can get from BeautyWorks and the second-longest length, they do also do a 24″ length but for me, even the 22″ is ridiculously long.

Getting My Weave Fitted

I went to the lovely and VERY talented Amy Darby at Envy Hair and Beauty in Stockport. She isn’t super local to me but she is 100% worth the half an hour drive because she is so quick and efficient and getting the hair fitted and styled and I am so happy with how it looks.

My hair is sewed in three rows, one at the bottom of my head, one equal with the top of my ear and one just above my ears which comes quite far forward to the side of my head. Amy was telling me how some people really dislike how far forward this top row is sewed which I kind of get, it is a little annoying but she was saying how you don’t get the length at the front without this, so it is worth having.

It took about an hour and a half to fit the hair, cut it in (I had very little length taken off) and curl the whole head which I think is so quick, I was expecting to be there way longer. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable at all.

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Extensions Review 

For me, the hair feels really lightweight and comfortable. I struggled to sleep on the sew-ins the first night because I wasn’t used to it but now I am used to them, I sleep fine and don’t find them uncomfortable to lie on at all.

The hair itself is really gorgeous. It feels exactly like my natural hair and blends in with my own hair in terms of colour and texture which I am really happy with.

In terms of washing and styling, it is a nightmare to wash and dry due to the length and thickness but that isn’t because of the quality of the hair. It washes well and looks really fresh and healthy when it is washed and dried, it just takes ages. I only wash my full head, including the extensions, once a week which sounds gross but I section my hair and wash the natural hair on top of the weave 2-3 times a week so the whole thing looks clean and then actually wash the whole thing just once a week. This saves so much time and effort and also avoids the extensions getting dried out.

I use Sulfate and Paraben free shampoo and conditioner for both my full wash and my top washes to keep the extensions in as good condition as possible. I use the Shea Moisture Smooth & Tame Shampoo and Conditioner which contains argan oil, shea butter and marshmallow root extract and that works really well for keeping my extensions looking sleek and healthy.

Before blow-drying my weave, I put a few drops of the Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil through the extensions to keep them soft and healthy. I was sent this hair oil for review a while ago and still really really like it and it works really well for my extensions.

For styling, I curl my hair with the Mark Hill Pick n Mix Curling Wand with the medium barrel. I really like this curler because you buy the handle and then just buy whichever attachments you want. The handle is only £14.99 and the attachments are about £14.99 each too, so you can create your perfect curler and carry on buying different attachments to suit your hair as you change styles. I find this barrel to be big enough for the length and thickness of my extensions and I still get a really good curl.

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So far, I’m really happy with my extensions, both the ones I chose from BeautyWorks and how they have been fitted by Amy. If you want longer or thicker hair then extensions like a weave really are a great option and you can get them in varying lengths and thicknesses to achieve the look you want.

I’d love to know if you wear extensions and if so, which ones and how do you find them?


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