Capsule Makeup Bag: Summer Holiday Edition

Now I really am not one to talk about ‘capsule makeup bags’, because when I pack my makeup bag for even one night away, half my collection usually comes with me, but I do realise that in reality, I do not need all of that.

The ability to create and use a capsule makeup bag is a skill and not one I claim to have, but I have investigated my collection and pulled out the products I think are the key essentials you need for a summer holiday, so I’m going to share with you.

TOP TIP: Only give yourself a small makeup bag, you’ll only be tempted to fill a bigger one!


Primer – Kiko Colour Correction Fluid – Green

No matter how light you’re trying to pack, Primer is essential so I’d recommend you pack whichever Primer works best for you, which for me is the Kiko colour correcting Primer. I use the green one to help combat redness, especially in warm weather 

Foundation – L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

Everyone’s taste in Foundation is different and usually I wouldn’t opt for a BB cream because I like a more full coverage finish, but on holiday, I just want something light and I actually rarely use Foundation so having this product with me is just enough in case I feel I want more coverage. 

Concealer – Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

In my usually day to day makeup routine, I use a few different concealers, but to try and pack light, I’ve chosen one that I think is the best for all the jobs! The Collection lasting perfection concealer has good coverage and is the right shade for both blemishes and under eyes.

Powder – Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – Translucent 

I have oily skin so always need powder, soI definitely  need it in the warm weather. I always use the Rimmel stay matte as it’s cheap but good, and it’s translucent so still works as I get a tan. 

Bronzer – MAC Mineralize Skin Finish – Give Me Sun 

I like to take bronzer with me because it works really well with tanned skin, and this one in particular is very warm toned and works even better with a tanned skin tone. 

Blusher – Sleek Blush – Rose Gold

I always like to use blusher to add more colour and warmth to my complexion and when I have a tan, this shade works really well as it’s warm toned and has a slight golden shimmer that goes well with a tan. This is also really small and easy to pack.

Highlighter – Illamasqua Beyond Powder – OMG

Highlighter is an essential when you’ve got a tan as the colour pops so much more. I love the shade of this highlighter anyway and the pigmentation is quite intense which looks great with warm toned skin. 


Brows –  Eylure X Fleur De Force Brow Palette – Medium 

There’s so many brow products I use and love but when trying to travel light I just pick one I think I can use to create various looks which is why I went for Fleur De Force’s brow palette by Eylure. There’s 2 shades and a highlight in a small palette so it’s easy to pack but can create various looks.

Brow Gel – Anastasia Brow Gel – Clear

I use as many setting and priming products as possible to stop my makeup slipping in the heat and if it’s really hot, even my brow makeup will move. The Anastasia brow gel is a clear gel but it’s so strong and sets brows in place all day. I have a sample size which is perfect for travel. 

Brow Concealer – MAC Studio Fix Concealer 

No matter how hot the weather is or how light I’m trying to pack, I always take the small MAC cream concealer I use to sharpen my brows. I always need this product to complete my makeup and it’s small and light to pack. 

Eye Primer – Urban Decay Primer Potion – Original

I use various different eye primers usually and when I travel I think it important to use one in the heat to keep your eye makeup secure but to pack light, I just bring one. I chose the Urban Decay one as it’s light to pack but also really good and strong. 

Eyeshadow – Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Quad – Paradise 

Choosing which eyeshadow palette to take was hard, I wanted something small and lightweight but warm toned and easy to create different looks with. I chose the Tanya Burr Paradise palette as it is filled with warm copper shades which are great with a tan, this palette is also affordable so I don’t mind travelling with it. 

Mascara – Tarte Maneater Mascara – Black

Mascara is one of the essential items for holiday makeup, it helps brighten your eyes and completes the look. I love this mascara from Tarte as it’s dark and gives a false lash effect. 


Lip Balm – Vaseline – Rose

I’d consider this one of the most important makeup items ever. I use this during the day when I’m not wearing makeup to stop the sun drying my lips, but I also use it at night for a simple lip look to finish my makeup 

Lip Gloss – Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – 03

I don’t bother with lipsticks on holiday as I find them uncomfortable in the heat, but if I want more than just lip balm, I’ll go for a lip gloss as it goes with a summery makeup look but is still natural. These glosses are so comfortable and this shade is perfect for warm toned skin. 


Setting Spray – LA Girl Pro Setting Spray

Using a setting spray to set your makeup on holiday is the best way to make your look last. This LA Girl spray works really well and the bottle is quite small so perfect for travelling. 

That may not seem like a ‘capsule makeup bag’, but compared to how many product I would take with me to get ready usually, this is packing very light and I think just the essentials for a full makeup look.

If you’re able to pack even lighter than this (that is definitely possible), share in the comments you essential sunmer holiday makeup products 


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