Tarte ‘Maneater Must Haves’ Collection

Tarte Maneater Must Haves Collection – available on QVC – £43.96


I recently made the fatal mistake of joining a facebook group called “Mrs Gloss & The Goss”, a closed facebook group with over 60,000 members, all with a keen interest in beauty. The group is designed for people to share beauty discoveries, reviews on products, or ask for advice and opinions on all things beauty. It’s a great idea and a lovely community but oh wow… it’s costing me money.

I don’t mean being a member is costing me money, that is free. Seeing all the wonderful beauty products and reading all their glowing reviews and then feeling unable to not purchase is what is costing me a lot of money. So really, you could translate that whole last sentence as ‘my lack of willpower when it comes to makeup, is leaving me broke’.

Someone recently posted a picture and some details of the Tarte ‘Maneater Must Haves’ collection, available on QVC UK for a steal at £43.96 (weird price, I know). I ordered it straight away as I had never tried anything from Tarte but has always wanted to, but never known what to choose or where to start so I gathered this would be a perfect place to start.

I thought I’d give you a look inside the collection and potentially tempt some of you in (you won’t regret it).


What’s Included?

  • Full-size Amazonian Clay Foundation
  • Full-size Maneater Voluptuous Mascara (black)
  • Full-size Self-Sharpening Eyeliner (Black)
  • Maneater Eyeshadow Palette (8 colours)
  • Double-ended lip sculptor (lipstick and lipgloss) (shade – kind)
  • Kabuki style buffing/ powder brush
  • Double-ended eyeshadow brush

Amazonian Clay Foundation


This was the main reason I purchased this, I’d heard so many things about this foundation, and how it was a smooth, wearable full coverage foundation so I really wanted to try. I couldn’t believe that for the price of the whole set, you got a full size of this product.  I’ve given it one try so far and it was really nice. I usually use MAC studio fix fluid to give you an idea of the finish I like. The coverage was medium with one layer but it was buildable and after adding a little more, I’d call it full coverage. If it wasn’t marketed as ‘full coverage’, I probably would have been more impressed but I feel like I had high expectations for the coverage. The consistency is thick and I expected it to be quite a matte finish but it isn’t flattening or anything. It’s comfortable on the skin and lasts well.

http://www.tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-amazonian-clay-full-coverage-foundation-nspf – £30

Maneater Voluptuous Mascara



I was really looking forward to trying this mascara, I recently purchased a YSL mascara and we really didn’t get on so I’ve needed a new one. I used this last night and I AM IN LOVE. It is so black and so lengthening which are the 2 things I really look for. It lasted really well on me and didn’t transfer onto my eyelids or run under my eyes which is what the YSL one did to me.

http://www.tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-maneater-voluptuous-mascara – £19

Maneater Self-Sharpening Eyeliner 


I will admit, I am yet to try this and probably won’t for a while. I’m not an eyeliner person at all and I only really use them for special occasion makeup. However, I like the look of this liner. It’s kind of like a soft pencil liner, it seems similar to those gel pencil style liners. I’ll be sure to update if I do try this soon. It comes in a plain black shade.

http://www.tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-maneater-self-sharpening-liner – £17

Maneater 8 Colour Eyeshadow Palette


When I ordered this set, I knew there was an eyeshadow palette but I didn’t know anything about the colours inside. When it arrived and I realised it is basically the palette I have been needing for so long now, I was excited, to say the least. It is my perfect neutrals palette, it has all the colours in that I felt my collection was missing. I have only used the light shimmery shade ‘lace’ as a highlighter so far but that was really soft and pigmented. I think I’m going to do a full post on this palette with some looks you can create etc.

This palette isn’t on the Tarte Cosmetics website, however, there are two palettes that look exactly the same in terms of packaging, layout etc which are £25.

Double-Ended Lip Sculptor – Kind


I love a good nude lip product so I get a real sense of excitement when I find a new favourite. This is a 2 in 1 nude lip colour, a dark nude lipstick on one end and a lighter nude lipgloss on the other end. I used these last night and they’re both really nice. The lipstick comes out quite a dark nude but it’s similar to a MAC cream sheen texture but it lasts really well, I went out for a meal and it stayed on all night. The lipgloss is also nice but together it’s quite a full on lip so I personally prefer to use them separately.

http://www.tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-lip-sculptor-lipstick-and-lipgloss – £19

Kabuki Style Buffing Brush & Double Ended Eye Shadow Brush


I feel like brushes that come in a makeup set are always overlooked as just being like a cheap extra to pad everything out but these are so nice. I had no idea how beautiful Tarte Cosmetics brushes really are, after browsing their collection I know want them all. I am yet to use either of these but my first impressions are good. Visually, they’re both lovely looking brushes. They’re both quite weighted which I think makes them feel quite high quality. They’re lovely and soft and I am imaging they’re both going to be great blending/buffing brushes.

I think these brushes are both exclusive to this set.

Everything comes with a limited edition purple and gold makeup bag which is exclusive to this set, that is the makeup bag in all the images.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and maybe even found it useful if you were considering making this purchase, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

If you’d be interested in seeing a post all about the eyeshadow palette then let me know in the comments. Also, I’d love to hear what other posts you’d like to see so pop those ideas below as well.

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Instagram- @elliepoolx







Which Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit do you NEED?





MOONCHILD GLOW KIT- the colourful palette, purples, blues and greens.




  • Generally cool toned
  • Flattering on paler skin tones

GLEAM GLOW KIT- the ‘bit of everything palette’, pink toned.




  • Slightly more warm toned
  • Still flattering on paler skin
  • General pink tone to the palette

SUN DIPPED- Bronze/Golden Palette




  • Warm toned golds/bronzers
  • perfect for darker/olive skin tones

THAT GLOW- bronze/golds




  • Perfect for darker skin tones
  • warm toned
  • extremely similar to ‘sun dipped’

Hope you enjoyed this more visual post, happy highlighting!




**disclaimer** this is not a sponsored post, all glow kits were purchased by me from a trusted eBay seller hence I haven’t spoken about quality etc. I am 99% sure they’re genuine and I am extremely happy with the quality and finish but can not 100% confirm they’re genuine however the packaging and shades are identical to those bought directly from ABH.**

Fleur De Force X Eylure Brow Product Review

Tuesday 7th March 2017- Fleur De Force X Eylure brow product launch day. Available at Boots – http://www.boots.com/search/Fleur+de+force+brow The Packaging The packaging is truly beautiful in my opinion; extremely simple and chic. The boxes are a metallic rose gold which is just so sophisticated. I love how clear the packaging is, it’s easy to see the […]


Tuesday 7th March 2017- Fleur De Force X Eylure brow product launch day.

Available at Boots – http://www.boots.com/search/Fleur+de+force+brow

The Packaging

The packaging is truly beautiful in my opinion; extremely simple and chic. The boxes are a metallic rose gold which is just so sophisticated. I love how clear the packaging is, it’s easy to see the product and identify the shade you’re looking at. Once you remove the boxes, the packaging that really matters is also simple but it is also sturdy, practical and secure. The product is visible which is nice when it is new and full but could get messy once the product starts being used more, however, I do like the overall finish the packaging has.

The Products

The Brow Palette – £12

This is the product I naturally gravitated towards buying at first as I always use a brow powder in my makeup routine so was interested to see what this one was like. This brow palette is £12 and comes with 2 brow powder shades and a highlighter shade. The palettes are available in  light, medium and dark colours. Although £12 initially seemed expensive, the amount of product you get is extremely good; the size of the pans in the palette are massive so the value for money is acceptable. I personally went for the medium shade as I have medium/dark brown hair and this shade suits me well. I think they’ve provided a really good shade range and there is something for everyone. From my initial swatch, the product is soft and highly pigmented which is a really good start. I applied it to my brows quickly to test it and it applied so easily, blended nicely but was also easy to remove without dragging or staining my skin.



edited palette

The Brow Tamer- £12

I decided to pick this up as well as I’d been wanting to pick up a tinted brow gel for a while and this seemed like a good one to pick. Again, at £12 it felt pricey but considering you’re getting 2 products in 1, I feel the value for money is good again. This product has a clear gel on one end, referred to as ‘Brow Tamer’ and a tinted brow gel on the other end, labelled ‘Fix & Colour’. Both products are a good size and have nice applicators that were clearly well tested and thought out as the small size makes for an easy application, especially of the tinted product. This product also comes in light, medium and dark so everyone could find a shade to work with. I tested the product quickly as I did with the palette and it was easy to apply, didn’t drag or pull the hairs but applied nicely. The colour was even and set comfortably without feeling over drying or becoming crispy. This product was again easy to remove and didn’t stain.




Both products gave a very natural finish which makes them ideal for some but perhaps not enough for others. I felt the finish was nice and easy to wear, very day time appropriate. I would maybe recommend going a shade up if possible if you wanted a stronger, bolder look.

The Results

I did my makeup as usual but used the brow powder palette to fill in my brows and then set them with the clear gel. I LOVED the look I got. I used both shades in the palette and they blended so nicely together to create the perfect finish for me. They were so easy to use and created the right shape for me. The gel was quite wet when I first applied it but it was extremely comfortable when it was dry and it was possible to build the depth of the colour on top of the gel if required. The lasting power of the products is amazing, it lasted so well and the shape stayed really sharp which I was impressed by because I always over draw the arch of my brow and it usually fades throughout the day but this product didn’t do that. The colour did fade slightly as you can see in the pictures below but nothing noticeable to anyone but me; it faded evenly throughout the brows as well so it was still wearable. I had this makeup on for over 12 hours and they didn’t budge. Amazing results.

Overall, I really love these products and have so much respect for Fleur for bringing out such a high quality product. I’ll pop some facts about Fleur De Force below and her links for anyone who came to this post for the product review and is now wondering who Fleur is. I hope this has been informative and helped you decide whether you’re going to purchase or not. Let me know what you’d like to see on the blog next.

Ellie x

Who is Fleur De Force?

  • She posts youtube videos and blog posts about beauty, fashion and lifestyle
  • She has over 1 Million subscribers on her main youtube channel
  • She has a second channel for her vlogs and a bridal channel with her sister
  • She has written 2 books, ‘The Glam Guide'(2015) and ‘The Luxe Life'(2016)
  • She has created a cosmetic brand with products such as lip glosses and eyeshadow palettes (available on Feel Unique)
  • She will be revealing her new lipstick shade with MAC in April 2017
  • She has a range of false lashes with Eylure






Hey guys,

First of all, I’m sorry for the lack of posts over here but I had a bit of a “writer’s block” and I didn’t want to post content that I didn’t love or feel was interesting.

Anyway, today I thought it would be fun to do a post about how I’ve started to organise and put together my first ‘pro kit’, I want to start doing some mobile work now I’ve finished my first year of training and for that I need an easy to transport pro kit with everything I need in it. I thought I’d share my top tips for organising a pro kit and also my essentials to keep with you if you’re doing hair, makeup or beauty. My kit is still a work in progress but I just wanted to share my tips from what I’ve experienced so far. I also know I’m not a professional yet but I’m doing my best to build up a clientele. I’m currently just doing family and the occasional friend while I’m arranging my insurance as I want to do everything properly 🙂


  • I personally use a cabin size, hard suitcase for my kit, it’s early days and this was the most affordable option for me but I have seen a lot of well established makeup artists doing the same as it’s easy to transport and has loads of room. You can buy specialist beauty/makeup trollies or i’ve heard of people using wheel toolboxes but this was my preferred way. My suitcase is the hard, silver, four wheeled cabin size suitcase from IT Luggage, I got it for £30 at matalan!!
  • LOTS OF MAKEUP BAGS!! Although using a suitcase it a great way to transport everything, it can be hard to organise. My suitcase has two equal sides, I have my hair stuff on one side and makeup in the other. I bought loads and loads of black, shiny makeup bags from poundland to organise my makeup, I have brushes in one, base products in another, lip products in another etc etc and everything is so organised. Having all the black makeup bags, that can be wiped clean easily looks so professional in my opinion.
  • KEEPING IT SECURE! If you like the suitcase idea, get a suitcase with straps or mesh that can be zipped up to secure your things to stop anything breaking. One side of my suitcase has a net over the top that can be zipped up and the other side has the classic suitcase elasticated straps!


  • box of tissues
  • cotton wool pads
  • cotton wool buds
  • cleansing water/makeup remover
  • client cards
  • brush cleanser
  • towel/cutting collar/gown


this is my current set up(not the best picture, taken off my instagram @makeupbyellieex)

So just a short post on organising my pro kit, hope its been helpful to some of you!! Let me know what you want to see next!!

that’s all for now,

ellie x


Hello again!

I’ve decided to share with you today my top 10 makeup tips and tricks! I’m not a professional and nor do I pretend to be but I’ve done a year training in makeup now and I’ve been doing my own makeup for a long while and in that time i’ve picked up my own favourite tips and tricks so I thought it would be fun to share!


 I feel like this one might be old news now but eyeshadow primer is the new staple makeup piece. If you want your eyeshadow to stay on all day and all night then eyeshadow primers just act like a glue. I also find they prepare the eye lid for shadow so the colours look so much more pigmented and they blend a lot better. The eye primer I use is the Urban Decay Original Primer Potion- £16.00



Again, another tip I feel like people are starting to love, but blending your foundation and concealer with a damp/wet beauty blender style sponge is the best way to get full coverage, seamlessly blended base makeup(in my opinion). My favourite sponge is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge-£5.99. I just dot my foundation around my face and stipple it out with the sponge and do the same with concealer.


For so long I just used powder to set foundation and concealer and hoped it would stay matte and in place, but recently I have started to use a setting spray or finishing spray to set my whole face of makeup in place and it really makes a difference! I use MAC FIX+-£17.00


Contour has become part of pretty much every makeup look, whether it be heavy night out or natural day time. Blending the products in an upwards and outwards direction is the best way to get a seamless finish. Using a sponge or brush to blend works perfectly but keeping the blending soft and thorough gives the best finish in my experience. 


Colour correcting has become a really big thing in the makeup world recently and I think that’s great because it can make such a difference to your finished makeup so i’d say investing in some decent colour correcting makeup is really important if you’re interested. If you’re not sure what colour combats what problem then here is a quick run down:

green= redness

purple=dull, yellowy skin

peach/apricot= dark blue toned circles under the eyes

yellow= purpley dark circles

pink= brightening 

I personally just use a green primer as a base to reduce redness but if I’m going somewhere special I might use a peachy coloured corrector under my eyes.

KIKO skin tone corrector primer-green-£9.90

Bobbi Brown cream corrector-light bisque- £19.00


Using a lip liner under your lipstick makes the colour last longer, stops the lipstick bleeding, makes the colour more opaque, makes the application look neater and your lips look sharper. You can also over draw your lips slightly to give a plumper look. I love the MAC lip pencils, my favourite shade is whirl- £12.50


Pretty self explanatory but when doing winged eyeliner, draw the wings first on both eyes and then draw the line across your lash line, that way you can even out the flicks before drawing on the whole eye making it easier to correct or remove if you need to start again. I don’t wear eyeliner often but when I do, I use the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner-£7.99 and the Real Techniques Bold Metals brush-202- £12.00


Designate one fluffy eyeshadow brush for blending and always keep it clean, spot clean it after every use to remove all the shadow from it so you can blend your eyeshadow with a clean brush everytime as your eyeshadow will blend so much better and look far more seamless if you use a clean brush with no product on it as it just blends the colour on the lid. I always use my MAC 217 brush- £20.00

9.Apply highlighter with a fan brush

Highlighter is a key part of every makeup look now because it’s all about ‘the glow’ but too much can ruin the makeup. Applying with a fan brush makes sure the highlighter is only placed perfectly on the high points to give that definition and flow but doesn’t make your face look shiny or glittery. I use a Fräulein Fan Brush I got in a kit off eBay. 


If you aim to have really neat, ombre eyebrows then my top tip is to use a brow gel or pomade such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade-£15.00 and use a thin angled brush. Start by outlining the top and bottom of your brows to create the shape and then fill in the middle, darker near the tail and fading out towards the middle. I’d love to do my full brow routine so if you’d like to see that, let me know!

I hope you guys have found some of these tips useful and learnt something new, I feel as though they’re probably quite obvious but when I was starting out in makeup, these are the sort of things I would’ve wanted to know! As always, leave me a comment with your top makeup tips and tricks for me to try out and tell me what posts you want to see next!

that’s all for now,

Ellie x

My Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes



For today’s post I thought I would talk about my top 5 eyeshadow palettes, do a bit of a comparison and share my opinions on which palette is best for which job.

I feel as though the days of buying individual eyeshadows are kind of disappearing, palettes just seem such better value to me, especially if you pick the right one. These aren’t in order of my favourite, I love them all equally!!


This is the palette I currently have in my makeup bag, its a neutral 12 colour palette, I’d say most of the shades are warm tones so if you gravitate towards cool toned shadows this may not be the one for you. This palette is slightly more affordable than some of the other palettes I use but there defiantly are cheaper 12 colour palettes on the market if your budget won’t stretch. The quality of these eyeshadows are really nice, very blendable and little fallout but the colour payoff does require some building. My favourite shade is the 5th shade in(I’ve highlighted it in the picture below), I wear that shade blended across my lid everyday(see my everyday makeup routine post that is linked below for my full routine)



This little 6 colour palette is by far the cheapest out of my top 5 but that does not put it at the lowest quality. I’d expect the price to be cheaper due to it only having 6 colours but £3.99 is a real bargain and like I said in my last post where I also spoke about this palette, it comes on sale a lot. The version of this palette I like the best is the Nude one, the shades are all so wearable and anyone could work with them. The colour pay off is actually so good and the fallout is minimal, they work best with an eyeshadow primer though but so does any shadow. If neutral shadows aren’t your look then they also do grey, purple and pink versions of the palette. My favourite shade is biscuit in the nude palette.



This palette is on the slightly more expensive side and I won’t lie, for a long time I didn’t consider it worth the money. After I purchased it, I really did not reach for it that often as I just found it a bit ‘samey’ to other neutral eyeshadow palettes but since I gave it a proper chance, I really love it. The mixture of shades is amazing, a really good mix of warm and cool toned shades so its really a winner for everyone. This palette has 12 shades and they’re all very pigmented, little fallout but I must say, they take a little more effort the blend than the others. My favourite shade has to be suspect!




First thing first, this palette has been reduced in price on the MAC website, and it appears to be a permanent price change!! I paid £65 for mine and they’ve all been reduced to a new price of £49.50! That aside, this palette is still pricey but I always see MAC palettes as an investment, especially as I’m training to be a makeup artist. This is also the biggest palette out the 5 with 15 colours, this palette is the warm toned shades but they also do a cool toned palette and a ‘mellow moderns’ which is like muted colourful shades. This palette has a mixture of creams, golds, pinks, bronzes and coppers as well as having a good balance between shimmers and mattes. I love MAC eyeshadows because they’re just so easy to blend, layer and the colour pay off for me has always been flawless. They are more expensive but they’re so worth it!! My go-to shade in this palette for everyday has to be honey love.



Another exciting discovery, this palette normally retails at £25.00 which is do-able but not ‘affordable’ as such but as I am writing this post, this palette is available on the stila website for £12.50 so if you want it, now is the time to get it. This is another 12 colour palette, i’d say mainly warm toned colour and neutral but with one cool bluey-silvery shade which I think is a really nice addition, although my favourite shade has to be bliss. The shadows do have a good colour pay off and do blend very nicely so overall i’d say its a winner.




Morphe- very slim, good variety of shades to create lots of looks


Naked 2 palette, has a hard metal case to protect the shades but still very slimline and also has a mirror.


Naked 2, theres something for everyone in that palette


MAC, 15 shades for the new price of £49.50 may seem steep but for the quality and convince of the palette, I think it’s worth it.


If you live in England, the collection eyes uncovered palettes, you can find them in most boots, superdrugs and some larger supermarkets.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and have some ideas of which palette is going to be your next purchase!! Let me know your favourite eyeshadow palettes and any you think I need to try! Thank you for reading as always! Links to my other posts are below.

that’s all for now

Ellie x





Today’s post is going to be my top 5 makeup products that are available for under £5.


This product retails at £4.19 in Boots, Collection as a brand is known for being affordable and I think so many of their products are amazing quality but this concealer is my favourite. This product is so popular amongst beauty bloggers and I totally understand why. The formula is a thick, liquid consistency but it is definitely not a cream concealer. It blends so easily and stays put all day. I use it to cover dark circles and blemishes as the colour matches my skin really well. It is available in 4 shades so if you’re of a darker skin colour, you may not be able to find a shade that works for you which I’d say is the only downfall of this product.



Another product I mentioned in my everyday makeup routine post and that’s because I genuinely love and use it. This product is priced at £3.99 in boots, one of the cheapest products Rimmel have. This is just a plain and simple pressed powder, I use the shade transparent but they also do a range of coloured shades. I find it ideal for setting makeup in place and stopping/reducing shine all day.



Although KIKO can be slightly more difficult to get my hands on than the products above, everything i’ve tried from the brand has been great. The smart lip pencil is a soft, creamy formula that lines the lips really well to stop lipstick bleeding and to define the lips but I also find the consistency is perfect for filling in my whole lips. The colour stays put for hours and they have a large range of colours. My favourite shade is 712 and they retail at £2.50 0n the KIKO website.

lip liner


I feel like this product is probably the best value out of the 5. This product is available in superdrug for £2.50. The kit includes 3 eyebrow powders, an eyebrow wax, a mini angled brush and a mini pair of tweezers. I personally never used the tools but the powders are fantastic quality. You get 3 different coloured powders so you can create strong and natural brows with one kit, the powders have very little fallout and a strong colour pay off, they don’t fade or go patchy either. I don’t personally get much use out of the wax but if you have thicker eyebrows or a lot of unruly hairs in your brows then the wax would be a great first step before the powder to maximise the neatness of the brows. This kit comes in two shades(light-medium and medium-dark).



This small,compact eyeshadow palette contains 6 eyeshadows, a mixture of matte and shimmer shades which you could honestly create so many different looks with. The palettes usually retail at £3.99 in Boots but go on sale for £2.99 or on 3 for 2 deals regularly making them even better value. The shadows are so soft and blendable, very little fallout and a great colour pay off. These palettes come in a range of colours including ‘Nude’,’Nude Bronze’, Nude Grey’,’Smokey Purple’,’Nude Rose’ and ‘Smokey Grey’.



I hope you have enjoyed this post and you’ve got some ideas of some new beauty bargains to go and grab. Comment below your favourite beauty products for under £5 and let me know what you’d like to see next.

that’s all for now,

Ellie x

Everyday Makeup Routine


Thought it would be nice to share my everyday makeup routine/ the products I use with you for this post to give you an idea of the products and brands I like.


I use this primer due to my naturally red/flushed complexion and green naturally contracts redness so this primer creates a more even base for the rest of my makeup, this is my favourite colour correcting primer I’ve tried. (£9.90)


I am in no way loyal to one foundation so this varies weekly but for a few weeks now I’ve been using this one and actually really liking it. I’d put it as a medium to full coverage foundation, a liquid formula which blends very well. There is a massive range of colours and tones as well as another formula for combination/oily skin. (£12.99)


I feel like so many people on the internet rave about this concealer but I can totally understand why because it is just amazing. For an affordable, high street concealer it is so full coverage, blendable and long lasting. (£4.19)


Another ‘hero product’ of the internet but again, amazing quality makeup at an insanely good price. I feel as though powder can be so expensive and over priced in the high end brands so good high street powders are the best finds. This powder sets makeup and stops shine all day and I can’t fault it. (£3.99)


Now, I actually only use one shade out of this but I like it all almost like a contouring base for my bronzer to stick to and it create a neater, sharper contour than just powder would but still looks blended and wearable. (£10.99)


I go over my cream contour with this bronzer and just where you’d usually bronze and it just structures my face and warms my complexion. I love the shade of this bronzer, it’s just the right colour and tone for my complexion. It is so pigmented though so I find it easy to over-do the bronzer. (£23.50)


This is another product that is so talked about. This is a pinky, silvery highlight and it is extremely shimmery and pigmented. It adds so much shape to the face and looks insane in photos. (£24.00)


I have recently really got to grips with this product and loved the results it gives. Brows have become such a trend and I feel I have a lot of control with this product compared to a brow powder and can really create a defined and shaped brow. (£15.00)


I struggle with really oily eyelids and without a primer, eyeshadow just slips off but this primer is like glue, eye makeup stays in place all day and all night(£16.00)


This is the first and only product I have ever tried from MORPHE and it’s quite nice, it’s a small, compact palette with all the neutral colours you could need which I think is probably why it made it in to my everyday makeup bag. I typically only use one shade all over the lid and thats a light/mid brown matte shade. (£11.95)


This mascara creates a natural but long, thick set of lashes. Doesn’t really smudge on me unless its really hot. Just a good mascara at a reasonable price. (£7.99)


I really can’t say much about the classic that is vaseline, everyone needs to use this daily because it is just incredible. I use it everyday under whatever lip products I’m wearing to protect my lips.(£1.95 boots price, can be found cheaper)


I don’t really use lipstick on a daily basis unless I’m in a rush, I prefer to use this lip pencil, start by lining my lips and then filling them in so their one solid colour and I find this lasts a lot better. I love the MAC lip pencils as the texture is really easy to work with. (£12.50)


Most days I will finish my makeup with this lipgloss, I had heard people recommend these lip glosses a lot and I was so impressed when I tried them, really nice, creamy formula and this colour is so natural and wearable.(£5.00)

That’s my whole daily face of makeup, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found out some products to try. Photo is below so you can see what I’m talking about the whole way through this post!! If you’d like to see an everyday makeup brushes or a light summer makeup routine then let me know!IMG_3126.JPG

that’s all for now,

Ellie x