18th Birthday Style

A quick style post for you today, I love short and snappy fashion posts where I can get quick inspiration for what to wear.

Outfit 1

Dress – Pretty Little Thing

Shoes – Miss Guided

Bag – Dorothy Perkins

Outfit 2

Bodysuit – River Island

Denim Skirt – Topshop

Shoes – MISS KG

Apart from very sore feet, I was really comfortable on a night out in these outfits, the pieces all fitted really well and were perfect for dancing in.

I wanted to use real pictures from the night so you could see exactly how I styled the pieces.

I’d love to know your signature outfits for a night out, I’m always on the hunt for new pieces! 


Love Island Vibes – Shopping with AJ Voyage

Anyone else feeling a little lost at around 9pm every night? Yeah same.

Love Island is now officially finished for 2017 and the winner’s have been crowned (very pleased with the results) but my envy for all their outfits is far from over.

I followed the Love Island Outfits Instagram and I feel it was equally the worst and best decision I’ve made in a long time. 

It was THE most helpful Instagram account ever, I had serious outfit envy pretty much every episode, and felt the need to find out where the girl’s clothes were from every day, and the Instagram account finds pretty much every item the girl’s wear and even their accessories.

I’d been loving the rose gold reflective sunglasses I’d seen on various girls throughout the series, and really wanted to get myself a pair. 

I saw the Instagram account advertising that an online shop called ‘AJ Voyage‘ were selling the rose gold sunglasses and they had a 50% code for the product, which made the sunglasses I wanted just £10 and then delivery, so I decided to go for it.

I’d never shopped with AJ Voyage before so I think it’s only fair to say I was apprehensive as I am with any new online store, but the website was easy to use, payment process was secure and the product arrived in under a week(I ordered on the Friday, they arrived the following Wednesday). 

They’re called the ‘Out There Vintage Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses’ in Rose Gold and you can shop them here! 

It was really difficult to get a picture of them with the rose gold mirror effect visible, so here’s the picture on the website that shows better.

They’re quite a bold, statement shaped frame but that was what I wanted so I was really pleased with how they look.

They’re very lightweight which means they’re quite comfortable on the face, they have a metal nose post which means they also sit quite securely.

They’re £20 full price so I didn’t expect the same quality as my RayBans but the quality is fine and I think they’ll last a fair amount of time, they’re quite a niche design so I imagine they won’t be in fashion next summer.

Overall, I’m really happy with the product and AJ Voyage, so I would recommend both! 

This post is a little random, but I figured a lot of people probably follow the Love Island Outfits Instagram so may have seen the post about these sunglasses and wondered what they’re like, so here you go!

Let me know if you’ve grabbed any of the items the girls were seen wearing! 

The Denim Diary: My Top 5 Skinny Jeans 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am THE fussiest person when it comes to jeans, I am just never satisfied.

Skinny jeans are such a staple in my casual wardrobe, but finding a pair that I actually like is a big job, so I thought I’d share with you my top 5 pairs of skinny jeans, because if I like them, they’ve really been put through the tests.

Just a quick note, I do not have a set size in jeans, my sizing is all over the place which is one of the reasons I find it so hard to find skinny jeans that fit how I want them too.

As you’ll see, I favour high waisted jeans, and I like them to sit at my ankle and not ruffle up.

Next – Ripped Skinny Jeans – Black and Mid Blue – £28

I bought these jeans in the black first and loved them, so I decided to get them in the mid blue colour too. These jeans are so stretchy and comfortable and the rips sit really well on my legs. I like how high waisted they are too. I think these sizes come up quite big because I get a 6R and the legs are a little long and the waist could be slightly tighter but they’re comfy.

Topshop – Joni Jeans – Grey – £40

I can’t find these on the website anymore but they have the ripped version. I feel like everyone has a pair of Joni jeans because they’re so high waisted, very stretchy and super comfy, my only issue is they do fade in the wash so badly. Mine come up quite short, they’re a W28 L30.

Topshop – Jamie Jeans – Authentic Blue – £40

I do like Topshop jeans and I find the Jamie jeans feel more like denim and less like a ‘jegging’ like the Joni. I find these really comfortable and quite flattering and they fit round the waist really well but I did get them too short. They sit high waisted still and I don’t have any trouble with these fading.

Bershka – Skinny High Waisted Jeans – £21.99 @ ASOS

These are my newest denim purchase and I was a bit nervous as I bought these online but I’m actually really happy with the fit. They could be slightly tighter but maybe I bought a size too big, I got these in an 8. The material is very stretchy and comfortable and they sit nice and high. Very affordable. 

So that is my run down of my favourite jeans, I hope that has helped anyone looking for some new skinny jeans, as I said, I’m so fussy so if I like them, they’re doing well! 

Let me know what you’d like to see on the blog, I’m always after inspiration! 

Current Favourite Jewellery

In general, I am rubbish at accessorising, but I have some pieces of go to/ staple jewellery that I have collected through gifts and treats to myself that just go with everything and I find really easy to style.

I thought I’d share these pieces with you if you’re after some everyday jewellery pieces.


Wrist Wear 


Olivia Burton Black Leather and Rose Gold Watch 

i’ve featured this watch is a style post before, I wear it a lot as it is subtle and goes with everything. I have small wrists so I find this fits me better than metal strap watches.

Pandora Black Leather Double Wrap Bracelet

I have a classic Pandora charm bracelet but I wear this more as it is comfier to wear, i think it looks really cool and effortless and goes with everything.



I used to just always wear studs but now I rarely wear earrings, but when I do I switch between these 2 pairs of silver hoops, they came in a 3 pack from Miss Selfridge with an even bigger pair which i don’t wear as much. I wear the smaller ones for everyday and the bigger ones for evenings and occasions.



Again, another accessory I always forget, even though I have some beautiful necklaces, I just forget to put them on, so I keep these two out on the side and I remember to wear them.

Anna Saccone X Stilnest Silver Leo Pendant 

I am a huge Sacconejolys fan and was really in love with Anna’s jewellery line when it was released and I was so happy when I received my star sign necklace as a birthday present. I love the concept and I’m glad I have a silver one as it matches a lot of my other jewellery. This necklace is a bit longer than others I own so I like it with low neck tops.

Personalised Rose Gold Charm Necklace 

I have no clue where this came from as it was a gift but it is a simple rose gold chain and mine has 2 charms on, an E and a heart, I feel like my friend told me it was from a seller on either Etsy or Not On The High Street.



I am not a collector of many things and I often forget to wear all the above, but I am never without my rings. I collect Pandora rings and have done for over a year now. I get them as gifts from family a lot of the time or have been known to treat myself to them.

I have a couple others but these are the 5 I wear daily.

Ring of hearts –  gift to myself

Plain band– gift to myself

March Birthstone Ring– a congratulations gift from my parents (my birth stone isn’t my fave so I chose March as that was the month the celebration happened in)

Pink Heart Ring – first ever gift off my boyfriend

‘Diamond’ band and stone Ring – a promise ring from my boyfriend

I hope you’ve found this interesting and maybe helpful if you were after some new staple jewellery pieces, I love having a look at people’s favourite jewellery.




How I Style a Shirt Dress

I ADORE shirt dresses, they’re my go to style of dress for everything- work, causal, nights out, EVERYTHING. 

There’s so many ways you can style a shirt dress, but I loved the way this outfit turned out and just generally adore this dress so I wanted to share this style.

I think this look is perfect for spring/summer for all sorts of occasions, I wore this look to an 18th birthday party. 

This dress is one of my absolute favourite shirt dresses. It is actually so out of my comfort zone being heavily patterned and quite bold considering I’m usually in all black.

I got this dress from Boohoo a while back but it is still available so I’ve linked it HERE! It’s only £20.

The size of this dress fits me perfectly, it’s an ideal length for me and I love how it has a tie at the waist, I think that’s what makes it flattering.

I always roll my sleeves up, I just find it comfortable and makes the look slightly more casual.

I also turn the collar out as I think that suits me better than having a high ‘no collar’ look like the shirt naturally is.

I’ve paired this dress with white converse for a causal look which I think is a great look with shirt dresses but this is how I styled the dress for a ‘posh’ event. 

The shoes are nude ‘Valentino Rockstud’ inspired heeled sandals, these shoes are so high and SO UNCOMFORTABLE but they’re beautiful and my absolute favourites. 
They were £30 last year but Miss Guided are still doing similar ones this season. 

This bag is a nude clutch from Ted Baker, it actually came with a large Tote bag from there.
I think clutch bags are the perfect way to ‘style up’ an outfit for an evening out. 

For jewellery I have added : 

Olivia Burton Black Leather Strap Watch

This watch is classed as ‘big dial’ but I’ve got tiny wrists and the face isn’t massive on me, just a guide of size if anyone is looking at purchasing one over the internet! 

Pandora Black Leather Double Wrap Bracelet 

Pandora rings

My toes are painted with a Barry M polish and my fingers are Essie Fiji polish. 

Hope you found this post helpful, I love this look! 

Let me know if you’ve got any shirt dresses and where they’re from, I NEED MORE!

Let me know what you want to see next! 

My Spring Wedding Style

14th May 2017 – A Spring Wedding

I recently attended the evening ‘do’ of a wedding, and I decided to share with you my outfit. 

I find dressing for weddings such a fun task, it’s an opportunity to try different styles and be a bit braver with colour and pattern, especially for Spring/Summer weddings.

For this wedding, I only attended the evening ‘do’ of the wedding so felt like I wanted to stay dressy but keep things a little darker instead of bright colours. 

I wear a lot of black anyway so I felt really comfortable in this outfit but still like I’d added something wedding appropriate with the trousers. 

The trousers are Miss Selfridge, they were high waisted, wide leg and have a tie around the waist. The size I got fitted me perfectly and they were so comfortable. £32

The top was from Matalan. Just a simple chiffon material black ‘cami’ top with a deep v neck and thin straps. I got mine a size up so it would hang quite low and fit looser so I could tuck it in and I was really happy with the fit. £6

Because the top hung low at the front, I paired it with a black lace crop top/ bralet from Marks & Spencer. I liked how the tops looked layered and think the lace went nicely with the floral trousers. I bought this exact one a while back so have linked a similar one for £9.50.

The shoes are one of my favourite pair of shoes and were a real investment for me. The black ‘peep toe’ suede shoes are Miss KG from Kurt Geiger. They were bought a few years ago as my prom shoes and I’m so glad I chose to invest in really ‘plain’, classic shoes as I’ve really had my money’s worth. They have quite a thin heel but a tall platform so they’re relatively comfortable. These were £110 when I bought them. I’ve linked a similar pair that would work well with an outfit like this. 

I added this ‘shoe lace’ style choker necklace from NEXT, I feel like with this top having a low neck, it needed a long necklace to tie it all together. 

I hope you like this outfit and this style for spring weddings, I felt so comfortable and pleased with this outfit and overall, it was relatively affordable to put together ( I already owned the pricey shoes)! 

I’d love to know what your favourite wedding styles are or even your go to special occasion outfits! 

Let me know what you’d like to see on the blog!