Current Favourite Jewellery

In general, I am rubbish at accessorising, but I have some pieces of go to/ staple jewellery that I have collected through gifts and treats to myself that just go with everything and I find really easy to style.

I thought I’d share these pieces with you if you’re after some everyday jewellery pieces.


Wrist Wear 


Olivia Burton Black Leather and Rose Gold Watch 

i’ve featured this watch is a style post before, I wear it a lot as it is subtle and goes with everything. I have small wrists so I find this fits me better than metal strap watches.

Pandora Black Leather Double Wrap Bracelet

I have a classic Pandora charm bracelet but I wear this more as it is comfier to wear, i think it looks really cool and effortless and goes with everything.



I used to just always wear studs but now I rarely wear earrings, but when I do I switch between these 2 pairs of silver hoops, they came in a 3 pack from Miss Selfridge with an even bigger pair which i don’t wear as much. I wear the smaller ones for everyday and the bigger ones for evenings and occasions.



Again, another accessory I always forget, even though I have some beautiful necklaces, I just forget to put them on, so I keep these two out on the side and I remember to wear them.

Anna Saccone X Stilnest Silver Leo Pendant 

I am a huge Sacconejolys fan and was really in love with Anna’s jewellery line when it was released and I was so happy when I received my star sign necklace as a birthday present. I love the concept and I’m glad I have a silver one as it matches a lot of my other jewellery. This necklace is a bit longer than others I own so I like it with low neck tops.

Personalised Rose Gold Charm Necklace 

I have no clue where this came from as it was a gift but it is a simple rose gold chain and mine has 2 charms on, an E and a heart, I feel like my friend told me it was from a seller on either Etsy or Not On The High Street.



I am not a collector of many things and I often forget to wear all the above, but I am never without my rings. I collect Pandora rings and have done for over a year now. I get them as gifts from family a lot of the time or have been known to treat myself to them.

I have a couple others but these are the 5 I wear daily.

Ring of hearts –  gift to myself

Plain band– gift to myself

March Birthstone Ring– a congratulations gift from my parents (my birth stone isn’t my fave so I chose March as that was the month the celebration happened in)

Pink Heart Ring – first ever gift off my boyfriend

‘Diamond’ band and stone Ring – a promise ring from my boyfriend

I hope you’ve found this interesting and maybe helpful if you were after some new staple jewellery pieces, I love having a look at people’s favourite jewellery.





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