Eating Gluten Free at Center Parcs

Since being tested positive for coeliac disease via blood tests and deciding to go entirely gluten free, I’ve avoided eating out for fear.

Last time we went on holiday, it was a bad first experience of travelling while being gluten free. We went to Tenerife and I ate chips and sweetcorn the whole week which was less than ideal.

I’ve been super nervous about travelling again because of food but when we decided to go to Centre Parcs as a family, I was pretty confident I’d be ok because the choice is so much better.

I took my own breakfast foods such as cereal and bread and plenty of sweet snacks but we ate out for every lunch and dinner.

I thought I’d share with you what and where I ate during a long weekend at Centre Parcs!

Gluten Free Pizza from Dining In

We went swimming late afternoon/early evening on the day we arrived and decided to pick up a takeaway on the way back to the lodge.

We went to the on-site takeaway called ‘Dining In’ and I opted for a cheese and tomato pizza on a gluten free base with extra sweetcorn.

The staff at this eatery were really helpful and aware of allergens and the food was really tasty but could have been slightly more generous on the toppings!

Sports Cafe

The football was on in the Sports Cafe on the Saturday so we headed there for lunch.

The gluten free menu here is one of the best at the Woburn Forest Centre Parcs but because we had a restaurant booked for dinner, I just got a portion of chips.

The waitress was again really helpful and aware of allergens which is always good.

Although I just had chips, there were so many GF options here including sandwiches, breakfasts, burgers and more!


Huck’s Diner

For our second evening meal, we had a table booked at an American diner style restaurant called Huck’s.

We chose this one because it had a ‘gluten sensitive’ menu which meant I’d have plenty to choose from.

I went for a ‘double double’ steak burger but without the gluten free bun it comes with as I’ve never had bread with burgers.

It was two super tasty steak burgers with cheese and bacon, served with fries. It was delicious and came with a little flag that said ‘allergen’ which made me feel really confident eating it.


Strada Italian Restaurant

I’ve always loved Italian food and I often find Italian restaurants are great for gluten free as they’re usually happy to make pasta dishes and pizzas gluten free if possible.

I’d never tried Strada before as there isn’t one close to where I live but I was excited when I saw they had the availability to make most of their pasta dishes GF.

I went for the ‘spaghetti pomadoro’ but GF which came with the funniest looking pasta shape which made it super obvious it was GF when compared to their regular pasta.

It was really tasty and the staff were so helpful, so tasty in fact, it wasn’t until I’d eaten as much as I could that I remembered to take a picture…

I also had the Panna Cotta with honeycomb for dessert which was naturally gluten free and so so tasty and once again, I was so excited, forgot to take a picture!

Here’s the empty plate to prove how good it was!

Overall, all the food I had in the restaurants at the Woburn Forest Center Parcs was great and all the staff were very helpful.

I had no adverse reactions to any of the food which was amazing as I seem to always struggle with eating out.

We also picked up some bits for a cooked breakfast from the on-site supermarket, one item of which was some fresh GF sausages which were incredible and I’d highly recommend trying if you’re staying at this Center Parcs!

I hope you’ve found this useful if you’re heading to a Center Parcs and given you some confidence that being gluten free while staying here is relatively easy!

I did bring plenty of snacks and ‘back up foods’ but generally didn’t need them as the options were good!

What’s your top tips for travelling when gluten free? Share them in the comments!


Author: Life With Ellie

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