Eylure X Fleur De Force – Brow Define Review 

When the first two products out of the Eylure X Fleur De Force collaboration were released, I reviewed them straight away and as you can read in that post, I really liked them and have continued to use them!

They have recently launched a third product to the range, the ‘Brow Define’, which is £12 like the other products in the range and available in Boots.

The product is a very thin, precise double ended brow pencil, available in light, medium and dark like the other products.

I like the idea that it is double ended and each pencil comes with a lighter and darker shade because it means you can easily do the ombré/faded brow look but it also means there’s likely to be at least one shade to suit everyone.

The consistency of the pencil is really soft, and almost like a crayon/gel texture opposed to a harsh pencil, which makes the product really blendable. 

The pencil is really slim which means it is really easy to create a sharp and precise shape, and it does exactly what the name would suggest and ‘defines’ the brow really well.

Overall, I’ve never been a brow pencil person as I don’t have very full brows so use quite a lot of product and find these kinds of product time consuming and I do feel this product took me a long time to get the look I wanted, but I was really happy with the finished look.

I used the shade medium and mainly used the darker end, and did find the colour slightly too cool toned for me, but it still worked with my hair colour. 

This is the final look I got with the product:

Although quite time-consuming, I did like the results so if I have the time, I would be likely to use it.

In terms of price, I think it is a little expensive in terms of the brow products you find in Boots, but it is nice quality.

If you’ve been testing this product out, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so share your experiences in the comments! 


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