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Father’s Day isn’t far away now which means its time to start thinking about what you’re going to buy the fatherly figure in your life this year.

Whatever your budget or kind of man you’re buying for, hopefully, there’ll be something in this gift guide that suits:

For the Techy Dads

Neos SmartCam – £24.99 on Amazon

My dad is the techy dad so I knew he’d love this home security camera from Neos. The SmartCam is one of the most affordable yet highest quality home security cameras currently on the market and it has had rave reviews from a lot of people.

I gave this to my dad to have a play with as soon as it turned up and needless to say, he was thrilled and has been ever since.

We decided to set this up in the kitchen as when all three of us are out of the house, we leave our two dogs in the kitchen. It makes sense as their beds, food, water and toys are all in the kitchen and it stops them running riot around the house. We’ve often wondered what they get up to when we’re not home and now we can watch for ourselves.

My dad set up the camera and then downloaded the app so he can watch a live stream from the camera on his phone! You can even talk through the camera, so we can talk to the dogs and they can hear us – it really is amazing!

You could also use this for what it is meant for which is a security camera and it is just as good for that!

For the Dads Who Care About Personal Grooming 

Black Leopard Skincare – From £5.29

Skincare is always a good gift idea for men as a lot of guys just don’t think about taking care of their personal grooming and now Black Leopard Skincare has launched in the UK, they’re the perfect brand to use.

An Australian brand that has now launched their UK website, Black Leopard offer a great selection of affordably priced and high-quality skincare for men include after shave balm, a cleanser, antiperspirant, face cream and more.

The prices of their products start at £5.29 but their complete face care bundle for £77.50 contains a full-size version of all their skincare, allowing your dad to try the full range and start a really good skincare routine.

Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Razor – £8.99

Now, this might seem like a bit of a practical or mundane gift but sometimes they’re the things your dad really wants for Father’s Day.

If your dad is forever going through disposable razors, buying him a decent one that will last a little longer is a great idea and the new Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Razor is an affordable and suitable choice for all men.

Available in high street stores such as Boots and Tesco, this is a gift that is easy to get your hands on, won’t break the bank and your dad will actually appreciate.

For the Outdoorsy Dads

Zippo Heat Bank 3 Hour Portable Charger and Handwarmer – £24.95

Perfect for the dad that either works outside or enjoys spending a lot of his free time in the outdoors, the Zippo Heat Bank 3 is a combined portable charger and handwarmer that as the name would suggest, can charge your device and keep your hands warm for up to 3 hours.

This device is super lightweight and compact, so perfect for keeping in your backpack on adventures or in your car on the go!

Presidio Sport Phone Case – £24.95

Ideal for the dad who is on the go and as a consequence, forever dropping his phone, the Presidio Sport phone case from Speck is affordable yet seriously robust and is designed to protect all models of phone from all angles.

A sleek and lightweight yet super durable construction, this relatively slimline phone case is made up with three layers of protection to offer resistance to damage from 360 degrees.

Available in a range of colours for a range of phone models, this is a great idea for the dad who is always dropping his phone on the go!

For the Foodie Dads

DC Superhero Jelly Beans – From £2.15

One for the DC comics-loving dads that are also foodies, Jelly Belly has partnered with DC to bring out a range of jelly beans in packaging themed around Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Available in 28g and 60g bags as well as gift boxes, the DC Comics jelly beans are in a range of flavours including Berry Blue, Cream Soda, Sour Lemon and more.

Perfect if you’re on a budget or you just know your dad loves all things superheroes!

Blossoming Gifts Gluten and Wheat Free Hamper – £48.99

If your dad is a big foodie, the Blossoming Gifts Gluten and Wheat Free Hamper is a great choice, filled with delicious snacks to enjoy whether you can or can’t eat gluten!

Check out the full blog post review of this hamper here!

For the Sentimental Dads

Personalised Cufflink Box – £29.99

Personalised gifts are a perfect choice for dads who appreciate a sentimental gift and this cufflink box from Giftpup is an ideal gift idea for the men in your life who find themselves dressing up a lot.

A high-quality black leather look 12 compartment cufflink box with a plaque for personalisation on the top, this chic and stylish product would look pride of place on a dresser or bedside table but it also won’t break the bank.

So, what will you be getting your dad this year? Let me know in the comments!



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