Fleur De Force X Eylure Brow Product Review


Tuesday 7th March 2017- Fleur De Force X Eylure brow product launch day.

Available at Boots – http://www.boots.com/search/Fleur+de+force+brow

The Packaging

The packaging is truly beautiful in my opinion; extremely simple and chic. The boxes are a metallic rose gold which is just so sophisticated. I love how clear the packaging is, it’s easy to see the product and identify the shade you’re looking at. Once you remove the boxes, the packaging that really matters is also simple but it is also sturdy, practical and secure. The product is visible which is nice when it is new and full but could get messy once the product starts being used more, however, I do like the overall finish the packaging has.

The Products

The Brow Palette – £12

This is the product I naturally gravitated towards buying at first as I always use a brow powder in my makeup routine so was interested to see what this one was like. This brow palette is £12 and comes with 2 brow powder shades and a highlighter shade. The palettes are available in  light, medium and dark colours. Although £12 initially seemed expensive, the amount of product you get is extremely good; the size of the pans in the palette are massive so the value for money is acceptable. I personally went for the medium shade as I have medium/dark brown hair and this shade suits me well. I think they’ve provided a really good shade range and there is something for everyone. From my initial swatch, the product is soft and highly pigmented which is a really good start. I applied it to my brows quickly to test it and it applied so easily, blended nicely but was also easy to remove without dragging or staining my skin.



edited palette

The Brow Tamer- £12

I decided to pick this up as well as I’d been wanting to pick up a tinted brow gel for a while and this seemed like a good one to pick. Again, at £12 it felt pricey but considering you’re getting 2 products in 1, I feel the value for money is good again. This product has a clear gel on one end, referred to as ‘Brow Tamer’ and a tinted brow gel on the other end, labelled ‘Fix & Colour’. Both products are a good size and have nice applicators that were clearly well tested and thought out as the small size makes for an easy application, especially of the tinted product. This product also comes in light, medium and dark so everyone could find a shade to work with. I tested the product quickly as I did with the palette and it was easy to apply, didn’t drag or pull the hairs but applied nicely. The colour was even and set comfortably without feeling over drying or becoming crispy. This product was again easy to remove and didn’t stain.




Both products gave a very natural finish which makes them ideal for some but perhaps not enough for others. I felt the finish was nice and easy to wear, very day time appropriate. I would maybe recommend going a shade up if possible if you wanted a stronger, bolder look.

The Results

I did my makeup as usual but used the brow powder palette to fill in my brows and then set them with the clear gel. I LOVED the look I got. I used both shades in the palette and they blended so nicely together to create the perfect finish for me. They were so easy to use and created the right shape for me. The gel was quite wet when I first applied it but it was extremely comfortable when it was dry and it was possible to build the depth of the colour on top of the gel if required. The lasting power of the products is amazing, it lasted so well and the shape stayed really sharp which I was impressed by because I always over draw the arch of my brow and it usually fades throughout the day but this product didn’t do that. The colour did fade slightly as you can see in the pictures below but nothing noticeable to anyone but me; it faded evenly throughout the brows as well so it was still wearable. I had this makeup on for over 12 hours and they didn’t budge. Amazing results.

Overall, I really love these products and have so much respect for Fleur for bringing out such a high quality product. I’ll pop some facts about Fleur De Force below and her links for anyone who came to this post for the product review and is now wondering who Fleur is. I hope this has been informative and helped you decide whether you’re going to purchase or not. Let me know what you’d like to see on the blog next.

Ellie x

Who is Fleur De Force?

  • She posts youtube videos and blog posts about beauty, fashion and lifestyle
  • She has over 1 Million subscribers on her main youtube channel
  • She has a second channel for her vlogs and a bridal channel with her sister
  • She has written 2 books, ‘The Glam Guide'(2015) and ‘The Luxe Life'(2016)
  • She has created a cosmetic brand with products such as lip glosses and eyeshadow palettes (available on Feel Unique)
  • She will be revealing her new lipstick shade with MAC in April 2017
  • She has a range of false lashes with Eylure






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