Gluten Free Food Haul – Morrisons

There’s nothing I love more than looking at other peoples gluten free food hauls from different supermarkets, so I thought I’d share with you all the goodies I picked up on a recent visit to Morrisons!

I don’t live particularly near to a Morrisons, so made a special trip out to get some new bits, stock up on some treats and I really wanted to find the new Schar fresh pasta (spoiler: I was successful).

I usually shop in Tesco and Sainsburys, so was amazed by how many different products there were in Morrisons that I’d never seen before!

Schar Fresh Pasta

I can’t remember the last time I had any fresh pasta and although I personally like the dried GF pasta, I missed fresh tortellini as it used to be a staple part of my diet!

I was so excited when I saw the new Schar fresh pasta range but was gutted it was only stocked in Morrisons and after visiting one nearish to me, I couldn’t find it but on this trip, I managed to.

I picked up the two I’d really wanted to try which was the plain tagliatelle and the ‘tortellini con prosciutto crudo’ as these were the two varieties I knew I would like the most and actually really enjoy!

Mash Direct Beer Battered Chips

I’ve heard a lot about ‘Mash Direct’ as a brand but never tried anything but I heard Becky Excell from Gluten Free Cuppa Tea talk about these chips in a recent video, so I had to pick them up.

They’re thick and crispy battered chips that are totally gluten free and I haven’t see anything like these anywhere else!

Mash Direct Crispy Vegetable Bakes

I still live at home, so my parents still cook some of my main meals for me but occasionally they’ll have something I don’t like or can’t eat, so I like to have freezer food in that is healthy, tasty and easy to make into a meal, hence I thought these crispy vegetable bakes looked perfect.

They contain potato, broccoli, carrots and loads of other veg and are covered in a GF crumb.

Mash Direct Cauliflower Cheese Gratin

I’ve always been a huge cauliflower cheese fan and will even eat it alone as a veggie meal and although it isn’t too hard to make it GF, it’s nice to have pre-made ones in the freezer for when I’m the only one eating it or need a smallish meal one night.

Schar Gluten Free Mini Pizzas

I love pizza and have found plenty of good gluten free ones but never mini ones like this, so thought these would be good to have in for quick lunches and dinners.

They’re just plain cheese and tomato flavour but you could easily add your own toppings to make them more interesting!

Whole Creations Cookie Dough – Simply Butter

I really like baking and think it is a great thing to do to get tasty GF treats that are safe to eat but if there’s one thing I can not make, it’s biscuits which is why I thought this cookie dough from Whole Creations would be perfect.

All you have to do is cut it up and bake but seen as I bought the plain butter flavour, I thought I could add extra ingredients to change the flavour and make them a bit more interesting!

Whole Creations Chicken and Pesto Pizza

As I said, I’ve tried a lot of GF pizzas but never a Whole Creations one and I’ve never seen a gluten free chicken and pesto pizza and this used to be one of my all time favourite pizza flavours before going gluten free, so I had to give it a go!

Morrisons Free From Choco Pop Bars

My dietician told me to avoid oats for a while which kind of cut out all GF cereals bars as my boyfriend is allergic to nuts, so I tend to avoid nut bars but when I saw these coco pop style cereal bars from Morrisons own brand, I had to pick them up.

I thought these would make good snacks or slightly healthier sweet treats.

Moo Free Easter Egg

Not a weekly shop staple but as it was the day before Easter, I had to grab a free from Easter egg.

They had a few options, all of which I shared on Instagram but I just went for this little one from Moo Free, it’s the plain chocolate one with ‘choccy drops’ and is gluten free, dairy free, soya free and vegan!

I hope you have found this useful if you’re planning a trip to Morrisons to stock up on some free from bits, I’ll be doing reviews on most of these, so keep your eyes peeled for those.


Author: Life With Ellie

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