Gluten Free Store Cupboard Essentials

Since moving into my own house, I’ve had to do way more cooking than I ever did when I lived with my parents and have also had to think about the food I’ve got in my house way more.

I’ve only been living here for two weeks but I’ve already picked up on a few gluten free store cupboard essentials that I reach for a lot and can always rely on to help me make a meal, so I thought I’d share those with you.


This is quite an obvious one but I can’t be without a pack of gluten free pasta in the cupboards. Me and James always say that if you’ve got pasta, you’ve got a meal and that really is true,

Me and J really love pasta and it was our go to when we lived with our parents, so we’ve tried not to rely on it too much in the new house and be a bit more experimental but we love pasta bakes, pasta with a sausages or pancetta and it’s just an easy meal.


Similarly to pasta, it’s always good to have rice in. It’s cheap, naturally gluten free and has the longest use by date, so if you don’t have to worry about eating it super quick.

I like to eat plenty of rice as it’s relatively healthy and it’s also naturally gluten free, so good if you’re avoiding too many processed free from foods.

We normally have one or two meals with rice a week and we personally have brown rice but I do love whiter rice too. We like doing chicken with a sweet and sour sauce and serve with vegetables and rice or chilli with rice and tacos.

Baked Beans

I used to eat SO many baked beans like I’d probably have a small tin or snap pot everyday but I haven’t eaten as many since we moved out as I’m trying to push myself with cooking but I do still always keep them in and LOVE them!

I prefer Heinz beans and know they’re gluten free, so personally always go for those ones and if you go to places like Poundland or Home Bargains, you can get them for really reasonable prices.

Baked beans are great for quick and easy meals when you still want to get a decent amount of protein. We love beans on toast or crumpets, jacket potatoes with beans and cheese or having full English breakfasts for dinner!

Promise Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Brioche

When we moved house, my eating went out the window. I was so stressed and busy, I just wasn’t making enough time to eat but I did manage to have breakfast everyday thanks to the gluten free chocolate chip brioche rolls from Promise.

I talk about these all the time but I am generally addicted. They’re currently on offer in Sainsbury’s for £1 a pack which I great value and I warm two up for my breakfast in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to melt the chocolate and it is the quickest, easiest and tastiest breakfast.


Another obvious one but I really do rely on bread for lunches. I’m pretty fussy and tend to stick for sandwiches for lunch, so having bread in is an essential.

Not only is it good for everyday lunches, having gluten free bread in makes for quick and easy dinners too likes bacon sandwiches, beans on toast or part of a full English as a treat!

My current favourite bread is the Tesco own brand gluten, wheat, milk and egg free sliced seeded bread!

Meridian Peanut Bars

If I’m not in the mood to eat a lot or need a quick snack, I’ll always go for one of the Meridian peanut bars.

These are packed with proteins and are gluten and dairy free, so as sweet snacks go, they’re not too bad for you and keep you really full, so are good as a small breakfast if you’re busy or struggle to eat in a morning.

I hope you’ve found this useful if you’re looking to stock up your cupboards with some free from essentials!

I have a whole list of fridge and freezer essentials too, so if you’d me to share those with you, let me know!

What are you store cupboard essentials for gluten free cooking? Share in the comments!


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