Review – Bahlsen Gluten and Lactose Free Zoo Imagination Biscuits

*I was kindly gifted these products to review by Bahlsen UK but all opinions are my own.

Since going gluten free, I have become a little obsessed with snacks. I just love snacking and I love finding new snacks to become obsessed with even more, so when Bahlsen UK asked if I’d like to try their gluten and lactose free Zoo Imagination biscuits, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I’ve seen these packs of biscuits in Tesco and heard a lot of people say they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure for them but as the budget for food has been tightened since we moved out, I’d been sticking to what I know so to not waste a penny.

The Zoo Imagination biscuits are gluten and lactose free but contain eggs, so they’re ideal for quite a lot of people with different food allergies.

They’re plain and simple sweet biscuits in the shape of funny little characters like dragons, so I think they’re probably aimed at children but I know I’m not the only adult that’s been nibbling on these!

You get 100g for £1.79 in Tesco but you get so many in the bag and only need a handful to satisfy the craving, so I actually think these are really good value.

These may seem like just plain little sweet biscuits but it’s because of this that they’re so versatile and ideal for using as part of other desserts and treats.

I have been snacking on them alone but as a bit of pudding in the evening, I’ve been scattering a few on top of a couple of scoops of the Alpro Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream and that is just a match made in heaven!

Overall, I’d say that no matter how old you are, if you’re looking for gluten or lactose free sweet treats, try the Bahlsen Zoo Imagination biscuits and I promise you’ll be addicted!


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