Goodbye October, Hello November

And just like that, October has been and gone and in all honesty, I’m more than glad to see the back of it.

Anyone that has been following along with my blog and social will know that my relationship ended at the end of September, my ex moved out on September 30th and I started my new life single and living alone on October 1st – what a roller coaster of a month it’s been!

This month has totally flown by but saying that, this whole year has and I’m hoping the last two months of 2018 go by just as quickly because I’m more than ready to kiss goodbye to the last 12 months and welcome in a much needed fresh start.

October 2018 is truly a month I will never forget. I’ve experienced some of the lowest lows I’ve ever felt and I don’t want to skim over those times online and act like they didn’t happen because many of us will go through hard times and sharing will only make things easier.

My depression, anxiety and eating troubles have all been heightened over the last month and I think I can honestly say that my mind probably hasn’t rested fully at any point this month. From worrying about money to being overwhelmed by everything that’s going on, I’ve found myself lying awake at crazy times in the night just stirring over things and that’s certainly something I’m looking forward to easing off.

Although this first month of my new, different life has been massively emotional and sad at times, there’s been some good times too. There’s been work successes and personal successes, I’ve had some great nights out with friends and family and even made some new friends, so although I’ve powered through a lot alone, I’m feeling more blessed than ever to have the support network around me that I do.

As for November, well I’m hoping for a good month but to be honest, October can’t be hard to beat because it was pretty rough at times. I have a few exciting things coming up this month but more importantly, November isn’t a month full of things ‘I should’ve’ or ‘would have’ been doing had my relationship not ended.

October was full of occasions and events that I should’ve been celebrating and attending but wasn’t which was hard but November has none of that in store, making it a bit of a blank canvas!

I’m looking forward to taking a step back in November and practising a little more self care. More of doing things that make me feel good, be that beauty treatments, going to the gym or just relaxing. I also want to address my terrible sleeping pattern and sort a better bedtime routine that will help me get better quality sleep which will in turn, make everything easier.

Sorry this has been a bit of a ramble but I feel like so many of you have joined me on this journey over the last month and I wanted to keep things real with this honest update of how things are going.

How has your October been? What are your plans for November? I’d love to know, so let me know in the comments or drop me an email/message on social media!


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