Happy 1st Birthday Gluten Free With Ellie

I can’t believe I am saying this but my Instagram account, ‘Gluten Free With Ellie’ is officially one year old today!

16th February 2018 I put out my first ever post on that account, thinking no one would care, no one would follow and it certainly wouldn’t turn into anything but one year on? I simply can not believe what we have achieved.

In one year, my little page has gathered nearly 1,500 followers which still baffles me that so many people actually have chosen to follow my account because they’re interested in what I post!

In one year, I’ve posted over 280 times. Some have been great looking plates of food, some have been moments of celebration and others have been sharing some of the worst times of my life with you.

I never intended for my gluten free Instagram account to become a place where I particularly shared things about my life. It was about food and that’s all I ever intended it to be.

It was about sharing products, recipes and meal ideas that I was loving and thought you guys might too but I soon realised that the community I was becoming part of was more than a following of fellow foodies but genuine friends and supports.

Through the highs and lows of Coeliac Disease, to the triumph of my first Huffington Post article being published to the depths of depression I witnessed throughout my break up, you have all been there every step of the way and for that, I will forever be grateful.

I have shared more on this Instagram page than I could’ve ever imagined I would, coming on camera to chat about what was happening in my life, be it good or bad and the support I have had in return has been invaluable to me.

Every comment, every message, they all get read and where I can, replied to and they mean more than you will ever know.

I also never set up this account to gain anything. I never dreamt of working with brands or receiving products to try but that is something that has been so amazing.

I can’t thank the incredible brands who have chosen to work with me, including Marks & Spencer, Creative Nature Superfoods, Bahlsen UK, John McCambridge, Genius and more, for giving me a chance to try your products and share your incredible brands to my following.

Having this Instagram account truly has pushed me to try and eat better and cook more to have decent content to share with you which is incredible in itself but as I said, the support and friendships I have made through this mean the most.

I can’t wait to see what comes from the next year of Gluten Free With Ellie, so watch this space!


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