Highlighter Drops… The Answer to Glowing Skin?

We’ve all seen the girls on Instagram with their highlighting drops and flawlessly glowing skin, so that got me thinking, could this be the product that can create that photo-ready glowing skin?

I’ve tried a couple of drugstore highlight drops to see if they really do give my skin that picturesque shine and I thought I’d report back!

Obsession Makeup London – Erotic

One of the two products I’ve tried is the Obsession Makeup London highlighting drops in the shade ‘erotic’ which is like a golden/champagne colour.

This brand is new to Boots and these really caught my attention as they had a really eye-catching shimmer to them and they were only around £8.

I added these to my foundation and mixed them into give my foundation more of a glowy look and although my skin may appear glowing (more than normal anyway) on pictures, in person you can actually see flecks of glitter on my face which isn’t great.

These ones may be better used on top of the cheek bone as a highlight opposed to a skin illuminator.

Revolution Liquid Highlighter – Rose Gold

The highlighting drops I bought from Revolution are in the shade ‘rose gold’, so are a little darker and pinker than the others but again, I mixed them into my foundation to give it some more glow.

I preferred the appearance of these as they didn’t have chunks of glitter in, so they worked better mixed with foundation but I can’t say my skin appeared noticeably more glowing.

Again, maybe you’d really get the wow factor using this product just on the cheek bones?

Neither of these products gave my whole face that insta-glow, so although they may do that to your cheekbones when used as highlighter, I wouldn’t say its highlighting drops like these alone that are giving all the celebs that flow!

Have you found a staple product for adding a insta-worthy glow to your skin? I’d love to know, so share in the comments!


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  1. It’s a shame neither product did exactly what you wanted it to. Will you be trying more products to find good highlighter drops? x

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