How I Edit My Photos

I’m not a professional photographer or editor, but I take and edit all my own Instagram and blog photos, as well as doing the same as part of my job, so I’ve established my own way/style of taking and editing photos and I thought it might be useful.

I only ever take my photos on my iPhone 7 as the quality is good enough for what I need my pictures for, however, I would look at investing in a camera in the future.

I have a few different apps I use for different edits, but the main two I use are:

  • Afterlight – for the majority of editing
  • Facetune – for whitening and smoothing

I’m not going to go into how I edit selfies in this post as it varies, but I do always use the smooth tool on my face if my acne is bad, I’m not afraid to admit that, but it is only a light touch!

Below is a run down of how I edit a flat lay picture of products for my blog and instagram:

comparison picture with labels.jpg

This is my photography and editing folder on my phone, and for all product photos, I use afterlight.

photo folder screenshot

The first step is obviously to select your image, and I then start by editing the brightness, for this image, I took it up to 60, this might sound a lot but in the end it wasn’t that bright. If anything has a white background, I like to have the brightness quite high.

edit - brightness .PNG

My next step is always contrasting, the amount of contrast I add depends on the colours in the image, some images look better with higher contrast and vice versa, I often find a white background with coloured items looks nice with high contrast. For this image and most of my blog pictures, I contrast to about 20.

edit - contrast.PNG

The next stage is to alter the saturation, you need to be really careful with saturation as if you have a lot of orange in the picture, it can become too bright and look over edited. Saturation adds more warmth to the image which I personally like. Whenever I edit pictures of makeup, I try to be subtle with the saturation so I don’t change the colour of the product, for this image, I only increased the saturation to 10.

edit - saturation .PNG

The last step for me is to up the sharpness, and I think this makes all the difference. For me, I think this brings it all together and just improves the quality and definition of the image, so I tend to set this quite high. For product photos like this, I go for 50-60.

edit - sharpening .PNG

So that is the final image, and how I edit pictures like that for my blog and Instagram.

I also wanted to mention the book you can see in the header image (and below), that is ‘Capture Your Style’ by Aimee Song and it is amazing. You can get it on Amazon. It is all about Instagram; how to set up a good account, how to edit, create a theme, gain followers, take different pictures. I would highly recommend it if you are into Instagram and photography.

How I Edit Blog Photos

I hope this has been helpful, it is definitely amateur advice but I hope someone has found it useful.



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