How I Handle Living with a Gluten Eater

Honestly, I can be a bit bitter towards people who can eat gluten. When I first got diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, other people eating gluten in front of me didn’t bother me but a year on, it’s starting to grate on me.

I think it’s because the realisation that this is forever is sinking in more now than ever before. I’m realising now more than I did back then that I’ll never be able to eat gluten again and that’s hit me a bit.

Although I don’t love other people eating gluten around me, I respect it and I understand why they do – it’s not their fault I can’t. I, as I’m sure many of you do, live with a gluten eater.

James eats gluten and that’s fine, it would be bad for him to totally cut it out but it does pose a few problems now and again and I’m sure anyone newly diagnosed is struggling with handling other gluten eaters, more than handling their own diet.

To offer a helping hand, I thought I’d share my top tips for handling living with a gluten eater.

Try and Make NaturallyGluten-Free Meals

I personally think most free from alternatives taste fine but gluten eaters never tend to agree, so creating main meals we can both enjoy can be difficult, so opting for naturally free from meals is a better option.

This doesn’t just have to be ‘meat and two veg’, there are loads of naturally gluten-free meals we enjoy like chilli, stir-fry and lamb mince curry that are all naturally free from and super tasty!

This means everyone can eat the same thing and enjoy it!

Allow them to Eat Gluten

You’re fighting a losing battle. Don’t try and force a gluten eater to eat fully free from with you. It isn’t great for their health anyway but it will also cost you more in the long run.

Gluten-free bread is expensive, so why waste it on someone who can get normal bread super cheap? Me and J have different bread, pasta, cereal and snacks and that keeps us both happy, we just keep an eye out for cross-contamination.

Be Hot on Cross Contamination

Speaking of cross-contamination, be super careful. It’s tough because you wouldn’t feel comfortable having food from a restaurant kitchen that was contaminated with gluten but you have to at home or you’d never eat!

Just remember, you’re in control of your own kitchen so you can clean it to your standards. Always wipe the sides down with antibacterial spray and a cloth when you’ve prepared food and if you’re wiping crumbs away, wipe them with a disposable wipe that you can bin.

Have separate chopping boards for your bread, different butter and always drain GF pasta through a colander before normal. For more tips for managing CC at home, check out my cross contamination blog post!

Different Snack Shelves

I do feel a bit like I have to be on red alert for gluten at all times and it doesn’t stop at home. To allow yourself to relax and not have to be checking ingredients all the time, have a gluten-free snack shelf.

Me and J have our snacks on different shelves, so I know everything on my shelf is for me and is safe for me, I put it there and don’t even have to check the label as I know it’s gluten-free.

I also put J’s snacks on a higher shelf than mine that I can’t reach very easily, so all that gluten is kind of out of sight, out of mind and isn’t affecting my food.

I know it can seem like a nightmare being around gluten even at home but it doesn’t have to be too difficult to deal with.

Have you got any top tips for dealing with living with a gluten eater? Share them with me in the comments or on my Instagram!


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