How I’m Coping With Living Alone

As many of you will know, me and my ex had moved out together in May which means now we’ve split up, I live alone.

It probably sounds really terrible but when we broke up, living alone and having to manage everything to do with the house by myself was what scared and upset me the most and definitely made the whole break up feel so much worse.

I’ve been living alone for nearly a month now and it’s had its ups and downs but I’ve found some methods to help me feel less lonely and not find living alone so boring.

Don’t Come Straight Home From Work

Sometimes it’ll get to 5pm and I’ll just want to leave the office and go home but some days it’ll get to the end of the working day and I know I just don’t want to go straight home and sit on my own until tomorrow morning, so I try to listen to myself and when I feel like that, do something about it.

If I feel like I don’t want to go straight home from work, I won’t and it’s as simple as that. I might go and see my parents, go to the gym, even go and have a wonder around the supermarkets – I normally don’t even buy anything!

It’s just super important to be in touch with how your feeling and not force yourself to be alone if you don’t want to be, there’s always ways you can be surrounded by other people.

Leave Lots of Lights On

I’m not suggesting you leave all your lights on all the time but when I’m in the house, I now have more lights on than I would’ve done when I lived with someone else as it makes the house feel more alive.

Especially as we’re heading into winter now and it’s dark from the minute I come home from work, I’ll leave lamps on in one of the rooms downstairs and upstairs all evening so the house doesn’t feel dark and scary when I’m walking around.

It’s just a little thing but it makes the house feel less lonely.

Always Have Background Noise

I can’t stress how much this one helps and that’s to always have background noise.

Whether you leave the TV on, the radio, put a playlist on, listen to a podcast or whatever, I find avoiding silence in the house is the best way to stop myself feeling lonely or upset.

A lot of the time, I’m not even paying attention to what’s on in the background but its there and it makes the house feel less empty.

Go To Bed Earlier 

This one might seem a little bit lazy but it is winter so it doesn’t seem too bad but since living alone, I go to bed so much earlier and I really don’t think that is a bad thing.

I don’t mean get in bed as soon as I get in the door but by around 8pm, I’ll go to bed as it just feels less lonely than sitting on the sofa by myself.

I’ll watch TV, read my book or do some work in bed, so I don’t go to sleep too much earlier but I do find that getting in bed earlier has definitely helped.

These tips aren’t anything you probably hadn’t already thought of but if you are living alone, hopefully trying some of these things will make it all feel a little easier.

Do you have any tips for coping with living alone? Let me know in the comments!


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