How to: The Perfect Pamper

Nothing beats a pamper night when you’re not feeling 100% and although everyone has their own way of pampering themselves, and different things that make them feel better again, there’s certain things that are bound to make everyone feel better.

I thought I’d share with you how I have what feels to me like ‘the perfect pamper’!

Light Your Favourite Candle

Any pamper night needs dim lighting and a nice candle. I have a lot of candles, but some just aren’t right for a pamper session when I’m trying to unwind, so my favourite for relaxing is the Zoella Lifestyle – Lazy Days candle. 

It’s a really fresh but calming scent, which by the name, I think that’s what it aims to be. 

Run a Bubble Bath

A bubble bath is the main part of a pamper night, they’re ideal for giving you some time to unwind and also helping to relax and relieve any tension in your body. 

I love this Sanctuary Spa Bath Float, it smells so luxurious and literally like a spa, it also creates loads of bubbles.

Use Your Favourite Products

I have some products that are just everyday products and I know they work for me, but I have others that are a little more luxurious and I like to save for proper pamper time.

I’ll always wash my hair with my usual products and keep my basic skincare the same but use a nicer body wash and face masks for a proper chill out.

Go the Extra Mile

By this, I mean do the extra little things that we should all do to take extra special care of ourselves, but often don’t.

If I’m having a pamper night, and I wash my hair, I’ll make sure I blow dry my hair as it leaves it feeling and looking far better than if I let it dry naturally, which in turn makes me feel good.

I’ll always moisturise and fake tan because those things also make me feel better about myself.

Indulge in your Guilty Pleasures

Whether your guilty pleasure is an old tv show, a chick flick film or even an unusual snack, if it’s a pamper night, it’s time to indulge in that.

Pamper time is all about filling a few hours with things you love, so for me, I like to binge watch YouTube and eat chocolate, so that is what I’ll do! 

I hope this has inspired you to take a little extra care of yourself and shown you just how easy a pamper night can be.

Let me know what you do to show yourself some TLC! 


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