How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes: Testing the Blender Cleanser Solid

I’ll admit it, I hate washing my makeup brushes, and I don’t do it often enough, so when I do come to do it, it’s a big job because they’re filthy!

I’ve tested a few different methods and products for washing my makeup brushes and they’ve all been fine, they get the majority of the dirt out and my brushes smell nice and feel soft afterwards.

I used baby shampoo for a long time, and if you’re working on a budget, I would still highly recommend that method, I just used to get the cheapest baby shampoo and it worked fine.

I also tried the Real Techniques brush cleaning palate with the NO7 brush cleanser, and I must admit, I preferred that method because my hands didn’t get covered in dirty water, and I feel like that palette gives the brushes a deeper clean.

I recently placed an order with Beauty Bay and got send 6 ‘free gifts’, which are just samples but very good sized samples. One of them was the Beauty Blender Solid, which is like a solid soap for cleaning makeup brushes and sponges, so I decided to test it as I’ve never tried a product like that.

As you can see, my brushes were filthy, so this tiny little bar of soap had its work cut out.

As this a sample, it is quite small, but I managed to wash about 12 of my brushes and a beauty blender with it, and could’ve probably carried on washing a lot more as the product goes a long way.

I believe the full size product comes in a tin, which I think is a good idea as my hands got covered in that horrible dirty water that comes off your brushes when you wash them.

How to Use:

  • wet the brush or sponge you want to wash in warm water
  • circle the brush or sponge on the solid soap and it will lather up
  • rinse the brush or sponge under warm water to remove soap

It was so easy to do, and my brushes came up so clean.

I feel like because the soap I had was quite small, it worked best for the eye makeup brushes as I could get those to lather up better, and they came up like new.

Here is some before and after pictures of some of the brushes and sponges I washed:


 I would recommend trying this soap, I can’t believe how nicely my brushes turned out, if you want to pick up the full size, you can get it at Beauty Bay here!


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