Kiko Haul: First Impressions 

I’ve tried a few bits from Kiko before and had mixed thoughts, but I’m always keen to try different things as some of the products are really nice.

My local store had a massive sale on so I thought it’d be a good time to get some new bits I hadn’t tried before and give them a go.

I decided to roll a haul and first impressions post into one to share some of my initial thoughts on these products with you. 

Unlimited Foundation – £11.90

I’m always looking for cheaper alternatives to my favourite MAC studio fix fluid and after swatching this in store I felt like the colour and formula was a good match.

After using it, the colour (15 Warm Beige) is actually a bit dark for me but it is workable. The coverage is really good and I would say it is medium coverage but buildable.

It is quite a matte finish but very blendable.

Highlighting Effect Fluid Corrector – £6.30

I’m always on the lookout for concealers and love these pen style concealers.

I got shade 01 and 02 and mixed the two of them for under my eyes, it is quite brightening but not too over the top.

It is a very thin liquid consistency and one of my pens actually is a bit broken, the click wouldn’t work properly.

The product is very blendable and good coverage.

Smart Eyeshadows – £1.75

I picked up these two individual eyeshadows as they were on sale for just over £1 each and they’re convinient for travelling.

They’re both really well pigmented and blendable and I’d highly rate these.

I used the white one for highlighting my brow bone and the khaki one all over the lid.

Smart Fusion Lip Pencil – £2.50 & Ultra Glossy Lipstick – £2.45

I’ve had the smart lip pencils before and I love them, they’re only £2.50 each.

This pinky nude colour is perfect for summer and it is so blendable and long wearing.

The lipstick is also a nude pink colour, it matches the lip liner really well.

The lipstick is a really moisturising formula due to being the ultra glossy finish, which I love for summer, it is so comfortable to wear and easy to apply. 

The pigmentation is really good.

So that is a brief insight into what I got from Kiko and a quick look at what I think of them.

I love testing new products so if you have any requests then let me know and I’ll try and get my hands on them! 


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6 thoughts on “Kiko Haul: First Impressions 

      1. I’ve just had a look on their site, and they’ve got a sale on there too! Trying so hard not too buy anything, since I’m trying to put myself on a spending ban this month 😂 x

  1. Kiko is a brand I’ve always wanted to try but have just never got round too! After this I will definitely pick up a couple of eyeshadows and might try out the foundation! I love a good dupe for high end products! Lovely post xx

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