Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Are Easy AF

Halloween is just around the corner now but if you’ve forgotten to organise a costume, here’s a few easy AF outfits to see you through!


This is your 24 hour warning… HALLOWEEN IS TOMORROW!

You’d forgotten hadn’t you? Or if you hadn’t forgotten, you certainly hadn’t planned a costume but don’t fear, if you’re heading to a Halloween party tomorrow or later this week and are yet to sort your outfit, here’s some last minute and easy AF Halloween costumes that are super basic but will do the trick.

My Halloween style is less gross and gory and more cute, pretty girly, a little sexy and most of all, very easy!

LBD + Ears of Your Choice

Basically, if you’ve left Halloween a little late this year then my best advice for you is to break out your favourite LBD, spend a few pounds on a set of ears of your choice, go all out with the makeup and there you have it… you’re a mouse, DUH!

In The Style brought out their super cool ‘I’m a Mouse, DUH!’ dress this year but unfortunately they’re sold out now, so the best way to mimic a similar look is to go for an LBD of your choice and add either mouse or cat ears and you’re done!

You can pick up ears super cheap and quickly on eBay or Amazon and every girl has a little black dress they love in their wardrobe, so this really is your easiest option!

Super Easy Devil 

Let your fiery personality shine through by dressing up as a super easy devil this Halloween.

Similarly to the above idea, all you need is a red dress or outfit that you love and a cheap pair of devil horns and maybe a tail, which you can either pick up online or in the Halloween department at a supermarket. Add some red themed makeup and you’re great looking devil!

Lifeguard / Bay Watch 

If you want to go comfy and cool for Halloween then the classic Lifeguard or Bay Watch inspired outfit is a great choice!

I wouldn’t recommend this one if you’re going to be partying outside as you may be a little cold and I’m not suggesting you run around in a red swimming costume but you can could go for a white t-shirt and some red shorts with a pair of white trainers, next thing you know – you’re a lifeguard!

If you’re happy to spend a little money perfecting this outfit, this Ladies Lifeguard T-shirt from Amazon is available with Prime delivery and can be with you tomorrow ready to celebrate Halloween in style!

image: ladies lifeguard t-shirt from Amazon


We all want to be a unicorn nowadays so make your dreams come true this Halloween and dress up as a unicorn for your celebrations!

There’s lots of ways you can do this look such as a little white dress, a white t-shirt and pink shirt or tutu or a multi-coloured outfit but the essential part of any Halloween costume is of course, the glitter!

Go all out with the glitter in both your hair and as part of your makeup and you’ll be the most convincing unicorn at the party!


If you’ve got a white dress then you can definitely go as bridezilla/zombie bride this Halloween.

Add some creepy contacts and a bit of fake blood and there you have it, you’re the bride no one wants to take down the aisle!

Kady McDermott nailed this look at the weekend and is perfect inspiration!


There you have it, some super easy Halloween costumes that look good, won’t cost you a fortune and can be thrown together last minute!

What are you dressing as this year? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram!


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