Let’s Talk About Cheating

Not a nice topic to talk about I’ll admit but one I think it’s important to throw out there and see what everyone thinks.

After going through my own experience of being in a relationship that ended in disloyalty and infidelity, it’s got me thinking recently about what people consider to be ‘cheating’.

It really does amaze me just how much people’s opinions on what classes as cheating vary. Maybe I’m sensitive, maybe I expect too much from a partner but for me, cheating isn’t about being physically intimate with someone outside of your relationship, it starts way before that.

As I say, everyone’s opinions differ one what is and isn’t cheating and I do think there’s a difference between ‘cheating’ and being ‘disloyal’ but either way, you shouldn’t be doing it.

For me, if you’re in a relationship and there’s another person outside of that relationship who is under the impression you’re interested in them because you’ve made it come across that way, you’ve done something out of line.

People don’t just begin to think someone is interested in them for no reason, especially people who are in relationships as you would automatically assume they’re preoccupied with someone else, so if there’s someone else thinking they have a chance with you, you’re actions probably aren’t showing loyalty and commitment to your other half.

Whether it’s text messages, flirty comments face to face or something else, for me, these little actions are disloyal and borderline cheating.

I pride myself on being a loyal and committed person in a relationship. No other man gets my time or attention when I am with someone and it’s as simple as that. There’ll never be texts or snapchats from other guys on my phone and if there are, they won’t get a response and I kind of expect the same back.

I think true love is only present if you’ve only got eyes for one person. I’m not saying I never found anyone else attractive when I was in a relationship, of course I did but I never would’ve acted upon that in anyway. Not even a flirtatious look to let them know what I was thinking.

I think most people are in agreement that a kiss or any kind of sexual interaction with someone else when you’re in a relationship is cheating but for me, putting the groundwork for your next relationship or your next sexual interaction in place when you’re still in a relationship is cheating.

If you’re going to leave someone and move on, fine but don’t start working on that next relationship until you’re out of the current one. It’s disloyal and just disrespectful and if you’re entertaining and planning a new relationship whilst still in one with someone else, you’re not being faithful.

I’d love to know what you guys think about this. Does cheating have to be a physical interaction or can you relate to what I’m saying about cheating coming in forms that aren’t physical?

Do you think the word ‘cheating’ should be reserved for physical infidelity and flirting with, texting and meeting up with other people be referred to as something else?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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