Life With Ellie – 2018

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe 2017 is now over and 2018, which seemed a million miles away, is now here!

I wanted to take the time to put together a quick post to say thank you for all things ‘Life With Ellie’ related in 2017, but to also let you guys know what to expect from me in 2018!

It wasn’t until around May 2017 that ‘Life With Ellie’ was born, the blog was running before that but it was then that I rebranded the site and took things a little more seriously!

I have worked on this blog alongside my job all year and can’t say I’ve been the most consistent, so thank you to all of you who still come back and read and like everytime I get round to posting.

Considering this blog had next to no following in May, I couldn’t be more pleased to say that there are now more than 150 of you following Life With Ellie and across 2017, over 1,600 people visited the site!


As many, I have so many plans and aspirations for this new year and many of those are centred around this blog! Anyone who is a regular visitor around here may have noticed the new blog design, I decided it was time to give the site a makeover and what better time than the New Year!

As for content and uploads, I have been super organised and got content planned for the next few months and my initial plan is to upload every Wednesday at 6pm as well as the odd bonus upload here and there but be sure to check back every Wednesday at 6pm to see what’s new!

I plan to remain true to myself and continue to write about what is relevant to me and what I love as that also seems to be what you guys enjoy! There’ll be lots of beauty content as always, as well as fashion, lifestyle, gluten free things and anything else I fancy sharing with you!

I’d love to take your suggestions onboard and create what you’d like to read, so please share what kind of posts you want to see over the next year and I’ll look to create those!

Thank you again if you’ve stuck around this year, I can’t wait to share 2018 with you!

Ellie x


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18, full time Content and Social Strategist, beauty enthusiast.

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