Love Island Vibes – Shopping with AJ Voyage

Anyone else feeling a little lost at around 9pm every night? Yeah same.

Love Island is now officially finished for 2017 and the winner’s have been crowned (very pleased with the results) but my envy for all their outfits is far from over.

I followed the Love Island Outfits Instagram and I feel it was equally the worst and best decision I’ve made in a long time. 

It was THE most helpful Instagram account ever, I had serious outfit envy pretty much every episode, and felt the need to find out where the girl’s clothes were from every day, and the Instagram account finds pretty much every item the girl’s wear and even their accessories.

I’d been loving the rose gold reflective sunglasses I’d seen on various girls throughout the series, and really wanted to get myself a pair. 

I saw the Instagram account advertising that an online shop called ‘AJ Voyage‘ were selling the rose gold sunglasses and they had a 50% code for the product, which made the sunglasses I wanted just £10 and then delivery, so I decided to go for it.

I’d never shopped with AJ Voyage before so I think it’s only fair to say I was apprehensive as I am with any new online store, but the website was easy to use, payment process was secure and the product arrived in under a week(I ordered on the Friday, they arrived the following Wednesday). 

They’re called the ‘Out There Vintage Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses’ in Rose Gold and you can shop them here! 

It was really difficult to get a picture of them with the rose gold mirror effect visible, so here’s the picture on the website that shows better.

They’re quite a bold, statement shaped frame but that was what I wanted so I was really pleased with how they look.

They’re very lightweight which means they’re quite comfortable on the face, they have a metal nose post which means they also sit quite securely.

They’re £20 full price so I didn’t expect the same quality as my RayBans but the quality is fine and I think they’ll last a fair amount of time, they’re quite a niche design so I imagine they won’t be in fashion next summer.

Overall, I’m really happy with the product and AJ Voyage, so I would recommend both! 

This post is a little random, but I figured a lot of people probably follow the Love Island Outfits Instagram so may have seen the post about these sunglasses and wondered what they’re like, so here you go!

Let me know if you’ve grabbed any of the items the girls were seen wearing! 


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