Making Gino’s Carbonara Gluten Free

I’m not usually a fan of Spaghetti Carbonara as I don’t love heavy cream sauces but I was watching This Morning in the week when Gino D’acampo was making a carbonara in the easiest way with just a few ingredients, so I decided to have a go at making it gluten free and it turned out so well!

If you want to check out Gino making this dish on YouTube, you can see that video here!


1 x serving on gluten free spaghetti

1 x pack of pancetta

1 x egg

50g (approx) of grated cheese (I used cheddar finely grated but traditionally, you’d need Parmesan)





1. Boil you spaghetti in a pan of water with a little salt for 10-12 minutes or however long it needs

2. Whilst your pasta is boiling, spray some oil into a frying pan and cook your pancetta. Once this is cooked, take it off the heat but leave in the pan with any leftover oil

3. You’ll also need to finely grate your cheese if it isn’t already and crack an egg into a jug or bowl, whisk it up and add some salt and pepper

4. Once your pasta is cooked, drain it off

5. Add your pasta to the frying pan with the pancetta and stir through over either no heat or a very low heat

6. Next add your egg to the pan and mix through straight away to stop the egg scrambling

7. Once your egg is all mixed through, add your grated cheese and mix that in too

8. Once everything is all mixed in, serve in a bowl and enjoy!

This is such easy cooking that feels like you’ve really made an effort! The sauce is still so creamy without being heavy and that’s just how I like it!

If you give this ago and enjoy it, let me know!


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