My ‘Cheats Chinese Chicken’ Recipe

Chinese takeaway, an easy and comforting food option for most but a near impossible find for a gluten free foodie.

I miss Chinese takeaways, I really do. Sweet and sour chicken was always my go to, the Cantonese style sweet and sour chicken with the meat already in the sauce and that’s something I just hadn’t had for so long.

I missed sweet and sour chicken so much, I decided to find a quick and easy way to make it at home that was as close to the taste I remember as possible but almost as easy as just picking up the phone and ordering it from the takeaway.

This was a real success and me and J just couldn’t get enough, so I thought I’d share this super easy recipe with you all if anyone else is craving a Chinese takeaway fix.


– Tesco Free From Chicken Goujons or Chunks

– Blue Dragon Sweet and Sour Stir Fry Sauce x2

– Vegetables of your Choice (I use carrots, broccoli and sweetcorn)

– Rice for Serving with


1. Heat your oven to the temperature required for the breaded chicken and pop those in for the required time

2. Put your rice on to boil

3. Heat a wok and spray a little oil into the wok

4. Stir fry all your vegetables. If you’re doing the same as me, do the broccoli first and then add the carrots and then the sweetcorn

5. Once your chicken is done, turn the heat of the wok down and throw them in with the vegetables

6. Add two sachets of the Blue Dragon sweet and sour stir fry sauce into the wok and stir on a low heat to cover all the chicken and vegetables and heat through.

7. Leave this on a very low heat while you drain and serve your rice

8. Turn the heat off to the wok and serve your sweet and sour chicken on top of your rice

There you have it, as easy as that.

Sweet and sour chicken with rice that tastes as good as the takeaway but it far better for you.

I prefer doing it myself at home like this as I can add vegetables I actually like and want to eat, instead of picking the chicken out the sauce like I used to with a takeaway!

If you give this a go, take a pic and share it with me on Instagram!


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